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About the Department

The department aims at creating a knowledge community with strong human values, discerning social awareness and excellent communicative competence.

It strives to impart an appreciation of the finer aspects of life through a clear understanding of the nuances of Language and the aesthetics of Literature in a globalized world.

The department has been functioning from 1994 serving the then College of Engiuneering affiliated to Bharathiyar university and later Anna university.

On becoming an institution, the department started designing and offering courses to students of all disciplines. The present faculty strength is thirteen with members possessing or pursuing Ph. D.  The research potential of the department is rich, with faculty members publishing articles in various research areas like Indian Writing in English, Comparative Literature, European Literature, American Literature, American Literature, Post-Colonial Writing, Women’s Writing, Subaltern and Marginalised Literature, Children’s Literature, Translation Studies, etc.

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