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Extra Mural Research (EMR)/ Core Research Grant (CRG) received from different agencies during the last five years:

Ongoing Projects: Total Amount (₹) 2,54,38,176

S. No. Name of the Investigator Project No. Funding Agency Title of the project and duration( Start and end date) Amount sanctioned (R.s)
1 Dr. Sudip K batabayal CRS/2022-23/03/875 UGC DAE-Consortium For scientific research Development of Photoferoic materials for efficient solar energy harvesting 7,29,720
2 Dr Nanda Kumar A K CRS/2022-23/04/891 CSR-UGC An ultra-low temperature synthesis of some of the 211 and 312 group MAX phases by flash sintering and a study of their suitability for energy applications” 7,29,720
3 M. Ulaganathan CRS/2022-23/04/898 CSR-UGC New Generation High Voltage “Micro-Supercapattery” Proto-Type for Various Wearable/Portable Power Backup Applications 7,29,720
4 Dr.Sudip K Batabyal DST/TMD/CER/RES/2020/52 DST-SERB Development of chemically modified carbon based interfacial solar evaporator 33,50,000
5 Dr.Sudip K Batabyal SERB/CRG/2022/008006 DST-SERB Sustainable power generation by hydro voltaic technology using solar evaporation; understanding the mechanism 36,76,000
6 Dr K Murugadass IDEATN006776 MSME .Govt of India Development of Indigenous Remote embedded Operating platform for Tele-diagnosis of Ophthalmological Disorders 14,35,000
7 DrSreekanth V AICTE/IKS/RFP@/2021-22/05 AICT An in-depth study oriented towards rejuvenation of surviving purnakathaakshyana Traditions of kerala – pathakam and chakayarkuthu 13,50,000
8 Dr M Karthega 5/4-5/3/1/orhto/2022-NCD-1 ICMR  Development of electro spun Nano fibrous surface coated biodegradable smart implants for orthopedic application. 45,50,944
9 Dr K S Rajani 17X(3)Adhoc/24/2022-ITR ICMR Frankincense based mask for Lung Immunity: – Development of a Prototype 22,68,100
10 Dr.Sudip K. Batabyal DST/TMD/CER/RES/2020/52 DST/TMD/CERI Development of chemically modified carbon based interfacial solar evaporator 33,50,240
11 Dr.Sudip K. Batabyal CRG/2021/004325 SERB-DST Maxene-based 2D materials and composites for battery applications- reaction mechanism , kinetics and performance 32,68,732

Completed Projects: Total Amount (₹) 2,51,40,200

S.No Name of the Investigator Project No. Funding Agency Title of the project and duration( Start and end date) Amount sanctioned
1 Dr.A.UmaMaheswari EMR/2016/001222 DST Nanostructured iron-based mixed metal oxide photovoltaic thin films 31,84,200
2 Dr.K.Murugadass SP/YO/018/2016 DST Development of Indigenous 3D and 2D Retinal Imaging Device 13,00,000
3 Dr.M.Karthega SR/FTP/ETA-31/2012 DST Nanostructured biodegradable coating on magnesium alloys for biomedical applications 10,44,000
4 Dr. M.Sivakumar
Dr. A.UmaMaheswari, Dr. S. Saravana Kumar (NSS College)
ERIP/ER/1103975M/01/1450) DRDO Nanostructured thin films of composites synthesized by spray coating technique for corrosion and wear resistance applications 27,14,000
5 Dr A K Nanda Kumar CRG/2019/001661 SERB Construction of a basic flash sintering set -up and study of its application to the fabrication of dense oxides abnd carbides 22,77,000
6 Dr.Sudip K. Batabyal CRG/2020/004735 SERB-DST Development of scale up pumpless free conversion riven soluble led redox flow battery 34,48,000
7 Dr.Sudip K. Batabyal ECR/2015/000208 SERB-DST Understanding the device physics of solution processed solar cell from earth abundant Cu2ZnSn(S/Se)4 materials 30,30,000
8 Dr.Sudip K. Batabyal DST/INT/RFBR/P-241 DST Nanocomposite based on graphene oxide and transition metal oxide and chalcogenides synthesized by peroxide route for supercapacitor application 24,34,000
9 Dr.Sudip K. Batabyal DST/TMD/MES/2k17/11(c) SERB-DST Nano engineered high power Li ion battery materials and proto type device fabrication to deliver a capacity of 500 mAh 57,09,000
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