The role of Educators is perhaps the one most responsible - to sculpt the character, calibre and future of individuals to make them better citizens of our nation. Their service to the students’ community is remarkable. Indeed, Teaching is considered sacred as the lives of children, in the form of pupils, are shaped by teachers.

Personality development, learning excellence, intellectual curiosity – all these happen through teachers. 

In order to appreciate and honour admirable contributors in the field of Education, Amrita School of Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Chennai, take pride in announcing the AMRITA ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE AWARDS (AAEA) FOR PRINCIPALS AND TEACHERS OF CBSE AND MATRICULATION SCHOOLS in Tamil Nadu every year. The award will recognize meritorious Principals & Teachers who are role models to their peers as well as students.

The objective of this program is to crown the deserving Principals and Teachers, in the state of Tamil Nadu and UT Pondicherry, of ICSE, CBSE, Matriculation, and State Board schools who through their vision, commitment, dedication, compassion, perseverance and care have significantly impacted the lives of the student community.

Awards Distribution

We are firstly looking at three states in the South – Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala. Jury members are faculty members from our engineering campuses in each state.

Tamil Nadu

Dr. Vinata Sai
Chairperson, Science and Humanities,
School of Engineering,
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Chennai Campus.


  • Primary
  • KG Teacher
  • High School
  • Higher Secondary School


Phase 1:

Link will be updated here soon. Kindly make sure that all the data entered is valid. There is no need to upload any document now. But the data entered by each nominee will be validated prior to the finalisation of the awards.

We have already received a lot of applications from these states. However, because of the issues with the data storage, we have not been able to scrutinize the data. Hence, we request you to enter only the details now. We will collect the proof from you once you are shortlisted.

Selection Committee for AAEA

Award for Principals

  1. Dr. P. Shankar, Principal, ASE, Chennai Campus
  2. Dr. V Jayakumar, Chairperson, MEE

Award for Teachers

  • Dr. Vinata Sai, Chairperson, Science and Humanities
  • Dr. R. Prasanna Kumar, Chairperson, CSE
  • Dr. Ilango Karuppasamy, Asst Prof. (Sr. Gr), EEE
  • Dr. M. Ranjith Kumar, Asst Prof., Mathematics

First Point of Contact

Prasanth Sasidharan,

Event Details
2021-01-09 09:00 to 16:00
School of Engineering