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Guest Lecture: The Hindu Temple Architecture and its Symbolism of Human Body

The Center for Women’s Empowerment & Gender Equality and Ammachi Labs organized an expert guest lecture on the topic “The Hindu Temple Architecture and its Symbolism of Human Body” on May 5, 2021.

Speaker Profile

Dr. Manoj Gundanna


Dr. Manoj Gundanna is one of the foremost researchers on Hindu temple architecture and archeology. He is a resource person with the Archeological Survey of India.

Dr. Manoj’s research focuses on the study of ancient Dravidian temple architecture based on traditional agamas and vastugranthas (ancient Sanskrit texts on science and philosophy) as well the study of sculptures and iconography based on ancient texts. He has presented more than 50 research papers at various seminars and symposia. He has delivered lectures on Archeology, Music and Mythology in various institutions, religious organizations.

Dr Manoj’s interests include Kannada and Sanskrit literature, Inscription and Manuscripts. A multi-linguist, he has written several compositions in Sanskrit, Kannada, Telugu and Tamil to his credit.

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