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Robotics Workshop

As part of Vidyut 2013, the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Amrita School of Engineering organized a Pre-Vidyut Robotics Workshop, Basics Robotics- Level 1, from 19-20 January 2013.


Robotics is the best way of enabling students to discover Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in a fun, engaging and hands-on way. During the workshop, a Robot Kit consisting of gear motors, wheels, Induino board, IR sensor modules, battery, etc were provided to a team of maximum four students.

The Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Robotics Workshop 2013 concluded with grand success. Over 250 students from Amritapuri and Coimbatore campuses participated. The workshop was conducted by the faculty members of the the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Amrita School of Engineering, Amritapuri.

Each teams of four students constructed their own “Line-following” Robot from individual components. Using a soldering iron, they assembled kits containing all the individual components needed to make a wheeled robot that could follow a curving line. In addition to their hand-built robots, the attendees took home more sophisticated electrical parts and information to help them create more advanced robots on their own.

For many students, who were from all engineering disciplines, this was the first thing that they had actually built themselves. The objective of the workshop, to provide students with first-hand practical experience and confidence to build robots on their own, was enthusiastically fulfilled.

It was a unique workshop, where students were taught to develop, or the students learned to assemble a line follower robot and work with the chassis that was required as the bare minimum for a basic terrestrial navigation robot. In addition, the students also procured the skill set of basic programming of an Induino board. Induino, an Indian version of an arduino, contain enough and more peripheral modules so they can use it for other purposes also. IR sensors were given to them so that they can interface it with the robot. Programming the Induino boards were done by them to interface the IR module. With the skills learned from the workshop, the students gained a strong foundation in Embedded Systems and Robotics and to make variety of other robots. Finally as a part of the workshop, Robo-Soccer Competition was held and prizes were also awarded. The first prize of Rs. 3000 was won by S4 EEE students team and the second prize of Rs 2000 by S2 ME students team. Three consolation prizes of Rs 1000 were given to S4 EEE, S2 ECE and S2 ME students team respectively .



Faculty Members

Student Members

  • Chief Co-ordinator : Aswath S (S4 ECE)
  • Main-Cordinators : Abhay Pratap Singh Sengar (S4 ME), Vysakh P T (S6 ME), Hemanth Raj (S6 ME), Vishnu Narayanan ( S6 ECE ), K. Chinmaya Krishna Tilak : Treasurer (S4 ECE), Heera K. H : Secretary (S4 ECE)

Student Co-ordinators

  • S4 Mechanical Engineering : Rajesh Raju, Vivekananda Misra, Abhiram C Anil, Aswin Rajashekaran
  • S4 Electrical and Electronics Engineering: Vishwesh K, Chindumon, Vyshnavi, Bhagyasree, Rajesh, Neethul Krishna
  • S4 Computer Science Engineering: Vijay N, Harikrishanan Shaji, Ritu S
  • S6 Electronics and Communication Engineering: Athul Balan, Sruthi Santhosh
  • S4 Electronics and Communication Engineering: Amal Suresh, Sarath P, Anoop M, Anirudh Hari, Nihil Saboo, Abhirami, Anupama Sree, Kalyani Jayaprakesh, Anila G Nair, Arathi Nair, Malavika M.H, Meghana Pal, Heera K, Aishwarya M
  • S2 Electronics and Communication Engineering: Unni Krishnan

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Department of Mechanical Engineering,
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