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The resource person, Mr. Karthik S, Chief Engineer, Samsung Electro Mechanics, Bengaluru, began by introducing the industrial scope of Java. As the webinar progressed, he introduced various evolution phases of Java from its primitive phase to the present handheld era and highlighted the importance of the topic in the present day by projecting the android device market share and projected share. Introducing the spring framework, Mr. Karthik elaborated upon its merits and applications to the participants that helped them discover a new path to Java Programming. Various desktop development frameworks were discussed in this session considering the advantages and uses of each one of them like JGoodies, JavaFX, etc.

The session also saw discussions on the android ecosystem and its developments during 2020 with a focus on predicted developments and outcomes in 2021 and the coming decade. Following the question-answer session, the webinar drew to a close with Mr. Karthik highlighting the need for certification to the 200 participants.

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