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Dr. Reena S.

Assistant Professor, Department of Plant Biotechnology, School of Agricultural Sciences, Coimbatore

Qualification: Ph.D
Research Interest: Molecular Breeding


Dr. Reena S. currently serves as Assistant Professor in the Department of Plant Biotechnology, School of Agricultural Sciences, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham,Coimbatore Campus.


Journal Article

Year : 2018

Genome-wide Consistent Molecular Markers Associated with Phenology, Plant Production and root traits in diverse rice (Oryza sativa L.) accessions under Drought in Rainfed Target Populations of Environment

Cite this Research Publication : Deshmukh Vivek Vasant, MankarSumeet Prabakar, Muthukumar. C, Divahar. P, Bharathi. A, Helen Baby Thomas, Ashish Rajurkar, Sellamuthu. R, Poornima. R, Senthivel. S and Chandra Babu. R. 2018. Genome-wide consistent molecular markers associated with phenology, plant production and root traits in diverse rice (Oryza sativa L.) accessions under drought in rainfed target populations of environment. Current Science. 114 (2): 329 – 340.

Publisher : Current Science

Year : 2017

Interacting Effects of Genetic variation for Seed Dormancy and Flowering time on Phenology, Life history and fitness of experimental Arabidopsis Thaliana Populations over Multiple Generations in the Field

Cite this Research Publication : Taylor. M, Cooper. M, Sellamuthu. R, Braun. P, Migneault. A, Browning. A, Perry. E, and Schmitt. J. 2017. Interacting effects of genetic variation for seed dormancy and flowering time on phenology, life history and fitness of experimental Arabidopsis thaliana populations over multiple generations in the field. New Phytologist. 216: 291 – 302

Publisher : New Phytologist

Year : 2015

Mapping of QTLs for Reproductive-stage Drought Resistance traits using an Advanced Backcross Population in upland Rice

Cite this Research Publication : Sellamuthu. R, Chandra Babu R, Serraj, R. 2015. Mapping of QTLs for reproductive-stage drought resistance traits using an advanced backcross population in upland rice. Crop Science. 55(4):1524 - 1536.

Publisher : Crop Science

Year : 2012

Autophagy Protects against Necrotic Renal Epithelial Cell-induced Death of Renal Interstitial Fibroblasts

Cite this Research Publication : Ponnusamy, M, Liu, N, Sellamuthu. R, Zhao, T.C., Mao, H, and Zhuang, S. 2012. Autophagy protects against necrotic renal epithelial cell-induced death of renal interstitial fibroblasts. AJP- Renal Physiology. 303(1):F83-91

Publisher : AJP- Renal Physiology

Year : 2011

Genetic Analysis and Validation of Qantitative Trait loci Associated with Reproductive-growth traits and grain yield under Drought Stress in a Doubled Haploid line Population of Rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Cite this Research Publication : Sellamuthu. R, Liu. G, Chandra Babu. R, Serraj, R. 2011. Genetic analysis and validation of quantitative trait loci associated with reproductive-growth traits and grain yield under drought stress in a doubled haploid line population of rice (Oryza sativa L.). Field Crops Research. 124: 46-58.

Publisher : Field Crops Research.

Year : 2009

Drought-Resistant Rice: Physiological Framework for an Integrated Research Strategy

Cite this Research Publication : Serraj, R, Dimayuga. D., Gowda. V., Guan. Y., He. H., Impa. S., Liu. D. C., Mabesa. R. C., Sellamuthu. R, and Torres. R. 2008. Drought-resistant rice: Physiological framework for an integrated research strategy. In: Drought Frontiers in Rice: Crop Improvement for increased rainfed production. (Eds. R. Serraj, J. Bennet and B. Hardy). World Scientific Publisher, Singapore. ISBN: 978-981-4280-00-6, Pp: 139 - 170.

Publisher : World Scientific Publisher, Singapore

Qualification & Specialization

Ph. D. in Biotechnology (Agriculture) & PDF in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

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