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​​IEEE Power Electronics Society Student Chapter Inaugurated at Amrita’s Bengaluru Campus

September 22, 2015 - 2:41
​​IEEE Power Electronics Society Student Chapter Inaugurated at Amrita’s Bengaluru Campus

The IEEE Power Electronics Society Student Branch Chapter was inaugurated by Dr. Priya Ranjan Mishra, Principal Scientist, Philips, Bangalore and Dr. Balaraman Kannan, PRDC, Vice Chair of PES Chapter, Bangalore at the Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru Campus on September 10th, 2015.

Electrical and Electronics Department Chair and IEEE Student Branch Counselor, Dr. Ravi Shankar, introduced the two keynote speakers- Mr. Priya Ranjan Misra, accompanied by Dr. Balaraman.  Dr. Priya Ranjan Mishra gave an overview of the different applications of power electronics such as charging batteries, medical electronics, integrating solar voltaic LCD inverters and electric vehicle batteries. He then explained the internet of electrical energy, including the latest trends like inductive charging, wireless power and microgrids, photo voltaics embedded in buildings, data centers into DC-DC based nanogrids, solar street lighting systems, DC powered appliances, MRI and audio systems. He showed how power electronics can play a role in creating a modern and sustainable world.  Dr. Mishra also highlighted the negative effects of power electronics, such as electro-magnetic interference (EMI) and Compatibility EMC and Harmonics.  Dr. Priya Ranjan Mishra stood as a great inspiration to all young minds due to his great work on the development of light centers and helping Africa to develop in almost all aspects with major improvements observed in the stream of education and sports.

Dr. Balaraman started his speech with a very inspiring quote: Enhance humanity, which gave the message that research is all about new developments reaching out to benefit all classes of people. Research should give a better way to serve each and every class and their growing needs. He divided the industrial revolution interestingly into three parts: the first was about mechanization of energy, the second was about the transportation of goods and energy and the third was about the distribution of capitalism. Dr. Balaraman specified that whatever modern-day technologies man uses contain power electronics.  He stressed that power electronics is the key for democratization of energy in integrating RE power and the importance of power electronics in energy creation, management and conservation.

K. Deepa, Assistant Professor in the department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru campus proposed the vote of thanks.  The efforts of the faculty members of the department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering and members of IEEE PELS Student Chapter to organize such a successful and inspiring function were well appreciated.  It was a great beginning for the new chapter with a turnout of 150 attendees.

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