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​Seminar on Evidence-based Practice in Care Setting at Coimbatore Campus

November 4, 2015 - 1:12
​Seminar on Evidence-based Practice in Care Setting at Coimbatore Campus

The Department of Social Work, Coimbatore campus, conducted a seminar on “Evidence-based Practice in Care Setting” on 27th of October, 2015. 

The seminar was conducted in two technical sessions:​​
“Evidence-based Practices in the Care Setting” led by Dr. Thomas B. Idiculla, Director of Mental Health Services, Mclean hospital, Harvard Medical School, Harvard University, USA and “Mental Heath in the Care Setting” conducted by Dr. M. K. Suja, Head, Department of Social Work, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore. 

Forty delegates participated in the seminar. Apart from the MSW students and faculty members of the Department of Social Work, Coimbatore campus, the seminar saw participation from Saraswathi Thiyagaraya College of Arts & Sciences, Pollachi and Shri. Nehru Maha Vidhyalaya College of Arts & Science, Coimbatore.

Evidence-based Practices in Care Setting

The session on Evidence-based Practices in the Care Setting emphasized the importance of evidence-based practices. Dr. Idiculla shared the new mode of assessment which was developed by his team and explained how this mode of assessment is simple to answer by people with mental illness. He also spoke about challenges in evidence-based practice and ways to overcome them. The presentation also discussed how to use evidence-based practices in the community, industry and schools.

Dr. Idiculla’s research interests include mental health assessment and outcomes of substance abuse and psychiatric disorders, measurement invariance in psychiatric assessment, patient-centered care, class/racial/ gender disparities in mental health, and performance measurement in mental health care. He has published papers on each of these topics in several national and international journals.

Mental Heath in Care Setting

In this session, the mental health issues of caretakers and their psychosocial problems were discussed. Coping mechanisms and how the atmosphere of the hospital influences the emotional well being of the patients, as well as  care givers were detailed. During this session a video clipping was projected to demonstrate the effect of a hospital’s atmosphere. The role of social workers, students, NGO’s, and health professionals in the well being the patients was also discussed.


​Seminar on Evidence-based Practice in Care Setting

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