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January 25, 2011
Kochi Campus

In order to fulfil Chancellor Amma’s vision for a Clean India, the 4th Sunday of every month, designated as Clean Sunday, is now being used to undertake cleaning activities in nearby areas.

KSRTC Bus Station at Ernakulam

On the first such occasion in this year, nearly 1000 students, staff, doctors, ashramites and volunteers cleaned the premises of the KSRTC Bus Station at Ernakulam.

Joining the Amrita team in the clean-up drive were top city officials including Mayor Shri. Tony Chammini, Deputy Mayor Smt. Bhadra Sathish, Standing Committee Chairperson Smt. Soumini Jain and Assistant Transport Officer Shri. Joseph Stanley.

Seeing their officials participate, many city residents were inspired to join in also.

KSRTC Bus Station at Ernakulam

Together, people worked enthusiastically to remove heaps of garbage accumulated in and around the premises of the nodal bus stop. In addition, they cleaned roadsides, public urinals and toilets.

“This time too we collected and dug out lots of plastic waste including plastic bags, plastic bottles and used pan-masala sachets,” informed the students.

Truckloads of waste that was collected was segregated into non-degradable and bio-degradable items before being sent off for disposal.

KSRTC Bus Station at Ernakulam

After the clean up drive, areas that were previously covered with garbage for many, many years, sported a clean look.

Noting that the local authorities and the district administration extended full support and help with the waste disposal, the organizers stated, “We could continue our cleaning initiatives only because of our Chancellor Amma’s blessings. It is our wish that this cleaning initiative continues to inspire numerous others to also contribute to this noble cause.”

KSRTC Bus Station at Ernakulam

Meanwhile students, faculty and staff at the Amritapuri campus joined hands with the ashram residents for a clean up drive that same Sunday, in Vallikavu at Kollam.

Also participating were three ward members of the Clappana Panchayat, Jalaja Raveendran, Sheela Srasan and Ellayath Chandran.

Vallikavu village as well as the Amritapuri campus of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham is located in Clappana Panchayat.

Vallikavu Clean

The cleaning focused on every nook and corner of the village as well as the primary health center, the building and its surroundings.

Had the Amrita students not already cleaned in the village before?

“Yes, we had,” they said. “But people litter again, so we needed to clean again. There is much greater awareness now, and littering is much, much less, nevertheless, it is not yet zero.”

Vallikavu Clean

“But with our efforts and those of the ward members and villagers, we will soon reach our target of zero-waste,” they added.

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