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AMMACHI Labs Team Wins World Haptics 2023 Conference Student Innovation Challenge

July 21, 2023 - 3:41
AMMACHI Labs Team Wins World Haptics 2023 Conference Student Innovation Challenge

AMMACHI Labs team, a group of talented student interns from AMMACHI Labs, has emerged as the winners of the esteemed World Haptics 2023 Conference Student Innovation Challenge. The team, comprising of Ramakrishnan K (MTech in Robotics and Automation, Mechanical Engineering), Pranav Krishna U. (CSE – AIE), V Rithin Chand (CSE – AIE), and Deepu D. S. (Ph.D. Scholar in Cognitive Sciences and Technology, AMMACHI Labs), under the guidance of Dr. Shashi Kant Shankar, showcased their exceptional skills and innovation in the field of haptics, securing the coveted award.

The World Haptics 2023 Conference Student Innovation Challenge, revolving around the theme of “Virtual Connections,” spanned across three phases. In the initial phase, the students completed the challenge in their respective labs using Razer headsets equipped with vibrotactile and auditory feedback. The top three teams from this phase advanced to Phase 2, a week-long hackathon organized by SenseGlove in Delft, the Netherlands. Despite visa challenges, the team actively participated in the hackathon remotely, demonstrating their dedication and perseverance.

During the hackathon, the team developed an innovative solution called “Virtual Reality-based Scaffolding Assembling Work using Senseglove (Haptic Gloves),” targeting the construction industry’s skill training. Their aim was to create a multiplayer VR system that facilitates collaborative learning, specifically for scaffolding assembly. Leveraging VR headsets and haptic gloves, the team successfully fostered interaction and learning between experts and trainees within a shared virtual reality environment.

A notable achievement was a live demonstration conducted during a conference following the hackathon, which showcased the system’s capabilities. The captivating demo established a connection between a user in Delft and one of the team members located in India, leaving conference participants, including perception scientists, highly impressed by its potential applications.

The AMMACHI Labs team’s outstanding achievement in this international competition reflects their commitment to advancing innovation and research in the field of haptics. With a bright future ahead, the team looks forward to further endeavors in pushing the boundaries of technology and creating impactful solutions.

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