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Amrita Bags Top Innovation Award: Facebook’s Innovation Challenge won by AMMACHI Labs’ MySanghamSkills Portal

October 22, 2015 - 10:54
Amrita Bags Top Innovation Award: Facebook’s Innovation Challenge won by AMMACHI Labs’ MySanghamSkills Portal

MySangham, an online vocational education portal developed by Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham’s research center AMMACHI Labs, was amongst the winners of Facebook’s Innovation Challenge in India. The challenge selects top innovators and change-makers whodesign impactful apps or web-services relevant to women, students, farmers and migrant workers in India.

MySangham was selected as a winner in the category of women. Inspired by Chancellor Amma’s vision to make education accessible to everyone, MySangham was designed as a comprehensive vocational education ecosystem. A one-stop portal that brings skill based education and employment within reach of women and underserved populations has never been built before in India. By developing an app version for Facebook, MySangham will become an important tool for women empowerment by providing an easy to use and accessible online vocational skills development portal for novice computer users.

AMMACHI Labs is already well known on the global development frontier for its strides in skill development and women empowerment. Through the UNDEF Funded “Women Empowerment Project” AMMACHI Labs had already trained over 4000 women through cutting edge computerized vocational education training (cVET). “Social equity is something we are very passionate about,” says AMMACHI Labs Director Prof. Bhavani. “Empowering women is critical to social equity as they are the primary caretakers of the other vulnerable groups such as elderly, disabled and children. The MySangham platform will bring education and opportunities within reach of everyone.”

The complex layers of an enterprise level portal needs high level thinking and design. Senior Software Architect RangaVenkatraman brings years of experience and knowledge to building the robust backend of MySangham. “We are very excited to receive the prestigious award from Facebook, who is the leader in providing social networking platform,” says RangaVenkatraman. “Our next steps are to integrate our robust vocational education platform with Facebook.”

Technology is sure way to close the skill gap which India faces. It’s the end-users in villages across India who will benefit most from MySangham. Finally they will have access to a holistic solution that brings education, employment and a supportive community to their fingertips. AMMACHI Labs is already bringing vocational training and sanitation awareness to over 18 states across India. MySangham will be introduced in those centers as a training tool. MySangham also is being used in several schools in India for training.

Here’s how it works:

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