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Several M Tech students from Amrita are currently in different universities in Europe as part of the Eureca project under EC’sEMECW program. The project has provided funding for B Tech, M Tech as well as MBA students in Amrita to complete part of their course-work and research in top universities of Europe.

Ajmal Shahadas from the Amrita Center for Cybersecurity in Coimbatore and Sindhiya Binulal Golla from the Computer Engineering and Networking Center, also in Coimbatore are at VU (Vrije Universiteit) in Netherlands. VU is known for its world-renowned Department of Computer Science.

“Prof. Andrew S. Tanenbaum, Prof. Henri Bal, both famous authors of several books in Computer Science that we have studied from, teach here at VU,” wrote Ajmal from Amsterdam. “I am glad to get this wonderful opportunity to study here.” “I am in touch with my HoD back in India regularly over email,” added Sindhiya. “I have already learned how to use R, a software that is similar to Matlab. I will begin my project in natural language processing or a related field soon.”

Turku, Finland and VU, Amsterdam

Two more students from the Center for Cybersecurity, Deepa Pavithran and Smitha TV, have recently joined Ajmal and Sindhiya in VU. Initially deputed to L’Aquila in Italy, they had to change universities on account of the recent earthquake in Italy. “Nearly 50,000 people are homeless after the earthquake,” wrote Babu T Chacko, who was also in L’Aquila; five Amrita students were studying there. “Because of some power of God we all are safe,” he added.

Babu and his friend Sreejesh, both VLSI students from Coimbatore, are now in Turku in Finland. They are working on NoC-based architectures (read more details). “We are working hard here to finish our project work in the alloted time,” wrote Sreejesh. “We come in even on Saturdays and Sundays to finish the work.”

Meethu Marium Varkey, another Amrita student, was already at that institution. “I am working in the area of Medical Image Processing, on the reconstruction of PET images,” she wrote. “I am fine here in in Turku, Finland.”
Turku, Finland and VU, AmsterdamAmrita M Tech students are also at Uppsala and Malardalen universities in Sweden and York in UK. They are in regular touch with their project guides back in Amrita as they work on cutting edge research assignments in these international universities.

“The aim of our project is to provide anonymity for those who browse the web,” wrote Ajmal, from VU, who is working on a project to protect user privacy from search engines. “Currently when a user performs multiple searches, the search engine makes a profile of the user, using the keywords that the user has queried on, and stores it on the server. Google does this and they also sell this user behavior information to advertisers. Our aim is to protect user privacy from issues such as these.”

” I am getting valuable guidance for the project from Stefano Ortolani, Bruno Crispo here and from Dr. M. Sethumadhavan back at Amrita by e-mail,” he added.

NoC-based Architectures

“The emergence of network-on-chip (NoC) as the communication backbone for system-on-chip (SoC) based-designs requires standardized interfaces that have to be simple and generic for rapid plug and play implementation.

Our project involves the design and implementation of a programmable fabric-based network interface architecture. We have developed a controller for a memory unit that handles memory block allocation of multiple aspect ratios. This facilitates the integration of cores of diverse data widths and memory requirements.

We are planning to map the Joint Photographic Expert Group (JPEG) compression application to our architecture to demonstrate the feasibility of our design. The network interface seamlessly connects existing IP modules (processor core, JPEG core, memory core and Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (UART) core to the NoC. The RTL implementation of various cores and NoC is captured using Verilog and VHDL.”

May 2, 2009
School of Engineering, Coimbatore

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