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Amrita School of Biotechnology Faculty Members Present their Research Work in National Forums

February 5, 2016 - 12:35
Amrita School of Biotechnology Faculty Members Present their Research Work in National Forums

Ms. Jayaleskhmi H., Vidhya Prakash and Suja Subhash represented Amrita School of Biotechnology and presented posters at the International Conference on New Horizons in Biotechnology 2015 (NHBT-2015) during November 22-25, 2015 in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. A poster on “Anti-biofilm Activity of Bio-surfactants from Bacterial Strains Isolated from Oil Contaminated Soil and Sewage” was presented by Ms. Jayaleskhmi H. A poster on “Effect of Nisin in Enhancing the Effect of Conventional Antibioics against a few Enteric Pathogens: an in Vitro Study” was presented by Vidhya Prakash. Suja Subhash presented a poster titled “Production, Optimization and Characterization of Efficient Chitinase Producing Aspergillus spp.”

NHBT-2015 was organized by the CSIR-National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology, jointly with the Biotech Research Society, India (BRSI), featuring the latest developments in the frontier areas of biotechnology, including industrial biotechnology, biofuels and bioenergy, agricultural biotechnology, biotechnology in diagnostics and therapeutics, biotechnology in environmental remediation and waste management.

The conference brought together leading scientists and technologists from industry and academics in the area of Biotechnology and allied subjects to share their thoughts and views on various topics to develop possible collaborative linkages in cutting edge areas of biotechnology. The conference was attended by about 600 delegates from across the world. Participants presented around 380 posters under 6 different tracks.

Earlier in 2015, researchers from Amrita School of Biotechnology attended and presented papers at the 27th Kerala Science Congress, organised by Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment (KSCSTE), held in Alappuzha, Kerala from January 27th to January 30th. Representing the Amrita School of Biotechnology, Ms. Jayalekshmi H. presented a paper on “Combinatorial Effect of D-amino acids and Tetracycline against P. aeruginosabiofilm”.  Ms. Vidhya Prakash delivered an oral presentation on “Detection, Partial Purification and Characterisation of Bacteriocins from Microflora of Pineapple Wine” and Suja Subhash presented a poster on “Inhibitory Effect of Plant Extracts on Siderophores Production by Klebsiella pneumoniae” during the conference.

The four-day conference, which was chaired by India’s missile woman Tessy Thomas, was organised in association with the National Transportation Planning and Research Centre (NATPAC), with special emphasis on ‘Traditional Industries.’ More than 2,000 delegates including researchers, teachers and students attended the conference, which mainly focused on various ecological and social issues.

Additionally, a paper titled, “Clove bud oil reduces kynurenine and inhibits pqs A gene expression in P. Aeruginosa”, authored by Ms. Jayaleskhmi H., Ph. D. student of Cell Biology Lab at Amrita School of Biotechnology, was recently published in Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology journal.

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