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Amrita Student in University of York, England

May 28, 2009 - 4:27

May 28, 2009
Coimbatore Campus

Two Amrita students are currently in York University in England as part of the Eureca exchange program. Sheejamol P.T. is an M Tech student of Computer Vision and Image Processing at Coimbatore, currently working on a research project in 3D watermarking under the guidance of Dr. Adrian G. Bors of the university’s Computer Science Department. Kothai Priyadharshini Alagarsamy, is a final year B Tech student of Computer Science and Engineering at Coimbatore.

Below is a report written by Priyadarshini about her experiences in England.


Paper Practicals for Software Measurement and TestingComing to England on an educational voyage has been an eye-opener to a great many things. This travel has added not only to my academic knowledge but has also helped me broaden my horizons and thinking. Academically, I have gained exposure to a very different teaching methodology. I had enrolled for three module courses. For subjects like Software Measurement and Testing, that could not have a ‘coding’ practical, paper practicals were conducted. The assessments here focus a lot on our grasp of the fundamental concepts and their application to problems. These assessments are treated as exams. The results of the assessments should be available in the next few weeks. I am also working on a project, and am 75% done with the prototype implementation.

Friends in Priyadarshini's AptOverall, this has been an excellent opportunity for better understanding culture of the people here. In India, academics and extra-curricular activities are the major focus for students, here academics only forms a part of a student’s life. As a residential student on campus, he/she has to not only focus on academic matters but also on other mundane aspects like food, stay, monthly bills, financial position, etc. This experience trains students to balance multiple things in life at an early stage. Such balancing can add to a person’s positive learning. It can perhaps also be a headache and stress one out, but it definitely is a new perspective of a student’s life that I did not have earlier.

Winter in York

I would like to thank the Amrita management for having made all this possible.

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