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Amrita Students Attend SAE National Convention

December 11, 2010 - 6:47
Amrita Students Attend SAE National Convention

The Amrita student chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers is known to be very active. No surprise then, that several student members chose to make the journey to Chennai to participate in this year’s SAE National Convention.

The Amrita students were joined by students and faculty from colleges around India. DRDO, CVRDE and Automotive Infotronics Pvt Ltd. were also represented.

SAE Convention

One of the main items of agenda was to induct new members into the Student Executive Council.

Sritha S, final-year B.Tech. student of Mechanical Engineering at Coimbatore represented Amrita. As the only female member of the Council, she was given the charge to bring in more female participation.

“The Student Executive Council has representatives from all different colleges,” shared Sritha. “Being a part of it, is a very good experience.”

The new members were welcomed by the outgoing incumbents who shared their insights about the Council’s mission and tasks.

The Convention hosted several competitive events for modeling, animation, presentation and displays. Five teams from Amrita participated.

SAE Convention

Arjun D. and Sudharsan V., who took part in the modeling and animation competition, shared their experiences.

“We had to design a transmission system of our choice. Other teams designed steering systems, engine and subsystems, braking systems and components and suspension systems. The event helped us learn a great deal.”

The teams’ designs were evaluated on their quality, materials selection, animations used for simulation and the needed calculations.

The students also participated in an ‘Auto Quiz.’

A highlight for all was the SAE Club Display; with Amrita B.Tech. students Arun Mohan, Mojith Mohandas, Pratheek N. P., Rahul V. Menon and Vishal Jayesh Badani, pitching in to make their displays one of the very best.

SAE Convention There were winning paper presentations, charts, project models, not to mention several videos that highlighted key achievements during the academic year.

“We had organized an SAE Week at Amrita,” the students shared. “We showcased all winning presentations for technical papers and business plans at our Display.”

“In addition, we provided glimpses of the SAE EDU MEET we had hosted at Amrita earlier this year, in August.”

Finally the team proudly shared upcoming events that were planned. “We will have exclusive events for the electrical, mechanical and aerospace students members of SAE,” they stated.

December 11, 2010
School of Engineering, Coimbatore

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