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Amrita Students Bring ABC Awareness to Communities

December 11, 2010 - 10:43

December 31, 2010
School of Ayurveda, Amritapuri

A team of students from the Amrita School of Ayurveda responded to their Chancellor’s call for Amala Bharatam by presenting a short skit highlighting the unique campaign’s message.

Students SkitThe students first presented the skit at the ashram while their Chancellor gave their darshan. Scores of visitors joined the ashram residents at the presentation.

Performed in three parts, the skit underscored the need for involvement from different sections of society, including villagers, women and students.

The skit opened with a group of youngsters carelessly spitting, urinating and throwing litter randomly, demonstrating a total lack of awareness for their surroundings and the environment. A student interrupted them, speaking to them about the harmful effects of their actions.

“Our beloved Amma started the Amala Bharatam Campaign to ensure that Mother India becomes and remains clean,” he said.

Students SkitMeanwhile, a person from the local Panchayat, unaware of the situation, listened in to the dialog between the student and the littering youngsters.

The second part highlighted the role of women in contributing to the success of any clean up drives. The littering youngsters, now reformed, and the member of the local Panchayat, urged a group of home-makers to join hands with them, to make the drive fruitful.

Already acutely aware of the need to clean up, the women shared their concerns with the audience. “Avoid using cars as much as possible to conserve energy and cause less pollution,” they underlined, while also explaining the harmful effects of burning plastic waste.

The final act saw everyone come together and move forward to clean Mother India.

Students SkitThe skit was presented again at the ashram on New Year’s Eve, with slight modifications and enhancements based on feedback received after the first performance.

The student team is now planning to present the skit in as many schools of Kollam District as possible. They will also perform on the road side wherever they go to collect trash.

“We want to make people aware of the goal of Cleaner India, Beautiful India as envisioned by our Chancellor Amma,” stated Arun Mohan, final year student of Ayurveda, who wrote the script.

“Chancellor Amma’s call should encourage one and all to return to a more natural and unpretentious way of life,” he added.

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