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Amritakalotsavam 2011 at Amritapuri Campus

February 24, 2011 - 6:20
Amritakalotsavam 2011 at Amritapuri Campus

March 15, 2011
Amritapuri Campus

An atmosphere of pure excitement prevailed at the Amritapuri campus last month as students congregated to enjoy the events of the Amritakalotsavam cultural youth festival.

Amritakalotsavam inaugurationAfter its inauguration on February 24 by Br. Sudeep, Director, the festival came to life with enthusiastic student participation from all departments.

This year’s event saw many young energetic talents take the stage and deliver a host of performances from traditional song, dance, mime and literary art forms, to modern entertainment such as quizzes and movie spoofs.

A celebration of student performances of various art forms of Kerala and India, Amritakalotsavam is a grand occasion for students to showcase their talents in front of their peers and educators.

“I really enjoyed the fun and vibrant moments that I had while participating in the programs,” shared Vidya Unni, third-year ECE student who had participated in last year’s festival as well. “We are happy for the encouragement we receive at this institution.”

Amritakalotsavam inaugurationDecorative murals that provided an invigorating backdrop for performers, the final rehearsals preceding stage time and the wave of excitement that swept the crowd, collectively enhanced the experience.

Nothing could diminish the high spirits of students and participants, who had minimal time to prepare for the two-day festival.

Memorable Hindi and Malayalam songs put performers and students under a pleasant nostalgic spell. The Kalotsav came to a thrilling end with the scintillating semi-classical dance performances.

Amritakalotsavam Dance“I really enjoyed the group performances at the event,” shared Preethi Subramanian, Assistant Librarian at the Amritapuri campus. “We are all engaged in our busy lives and find no time to really enjoy. I feel this festival gave us an opportunity to be part of a joyous celebration.”

House of Jyothirmayi won the event with a score of 1,887 points, followed by Anandamayi with1, 581, Amritamayi with1, 331, and Chinmayi with1, 312.

“This was one of the best events we have conducted thus far,” stated Shreedha Sambhudevan, faculty co-coordinator of Amritakalotsavam 2011. “We appreciate the efforts made by students and staff.”

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