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Anantham Curtain Raiser 2023

March 17, 2023 - 3:41
Anantham Curtain Raiser 2023

Anantham has come back to excite the students of various streams of Engineering and Sciences who are fond of Mathematics with an interactive event on 16 March 2023 between 4:30 PM and 6:00 PM through the Anantham Curtain Raiser 2023 and the students enthusiastically participated in the events and won prizes.

They Explored and experienced fun filled quizzes and games such as Guess What, Shoot your Shot and Mathematical Chairs along with the student members of Anantham – The Mathematical Club

Glimpse of the day …

Among various games related to the concepts such as Number Theory, Set Theory, Probability Theory …, the most attracted games in the gathering was Shoot Your Shot and Mathematical Chair…

What’s the Game About ?? !! ??

Shoot Your Shot was a board game based on the concept of Set Theory. The participants of this game needs to solve a math problem related to set theory relations. The solution to the problem gave them a clue, based on that they have to aim their dart to the exact location in the board. Throughout this game, the participants actively involved and enjoyed totally and won various prizes.

Mathematical Chair was a kind of Musical Chair in which number of chairs was always one less than the number of participants at any point of time. A desk was placed at a reasonably far distance and a set of tricky math questions were placed. The participants have to run to the desk and wrote the answer to the question and has to run back and occupy the empty chair. The one who got the wrong answer was eliminated from the game even though they have occupied the empty chair on time. Till the end of the game, the participants overwhelmed with the tricky questions and occupying the empty chair.

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