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Annual Day of School of Education

December 28, 2011 - 12:23
Annual Day of School of Education

The day dawned on a special note. The Amrita School of Education, Mysore, was crossing yet another milestone. Students from the 8th batch were graduating with B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education) degrees.

Annual Day


The batch of students had performed well in both curricular and extra-curricular activities during the year. They had utilized all available opportunities to enrich themselves with great qualities which will help them become good teachers.

Welcoming the Chief Guest, Professor C.S. Shastry at the Annual Day celebration, the graduating teachers invited him to speak.

“Teachers are nation builders, they influence students by their love and affection. The profession of teaching is a very noble one,” the Chief Guest remarked.

“A good teacher can leave a long-lasting and indelible mark in the life of students. A true teacher never fades away from their hearts,” he added.

Emphasizing that the world may have high expectations from the graduating teachers as they studied in Amrita, he elaborated on the role they could play in helping change society for the better.

Annual Day

Br. Venu Gopal, Correspondent, Mysore campus, beseeched the would-be teachers to follow Amma’s ideals in their lives. “Your whole life will become a great offering to the world, if you take an oath to live by the dictum Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu,” he said.

Prof. Susheela Seshadri, Principal, who also spoke, presented a report of the activities of the School of Education for the year just completed.

“This batch of students entered this temple of learning on 19th January, 2011, with excitement, optimism and aspiration,” she said.Read More »

“Now our student trainees are almost full-fledged teachers, ready to serve in the country’s educational institutions, where they will help prepare well-balanced citizens of the nation,” she said.

“I thank my dedicated, devoted, hardworking and cooperative colleagues for all their contributions which have helped make this institution one of the best in the State of Karnataka.”

Annual Day

“I also thank our alumni for having responded to the call to be present on this day and warmly welcome them to their alma mater.”

The alumni, who were excited and exhilarated to meet friends and former classmates, were invited to stay in touch with the institution. “You form our backbone, the pillars of our strength,” they were told.

Prizes were distributed to winners in academic, cultural and sports events that were conducted over the year.

The program ended with all rising for the rendition of the college anthem, Vande Veda Mataram.

December 28, 2011
School of Education, Mysore

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