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Antarprerana 2011 at Mysore Campus

February 13, 2011 - 11:30
Antarprerana 2011 at Mysore Campus

“Learning shall be limited when confined to the boundaries of the four walls. Fests like these provide ample learning opportunities to young minds.”

Prof. K S Nagapathi, Director of the Mahajana Tourism Development Institution, Mysore, and Chief Guest at Antarprerana 2011 observed, while addressing participants.Antarprerana 2011

Over 180 students from various city colleges had converged at the Annual Management Fest of the Mysore campus, to participate in the fest events. Elaborating on the formula for success, Prof. Nagapathu urged students to have faith in their own abilities.

Mr Ajay Kiran, an Amrita alumnus, also spoke to the students. Currently pursuing his MBA, Ajay is also an entrepreneur. Introducing his company, he inspired students to believe in their leadership skills.

Antarprerana means the call from within,” noted Br. Sunil, Director of the campus, highlighting the main message of the fest.

“Modern management principles don’t account for the unknown nth factor of grace. However, we know that grace is very important for the success of all undertakings.”

Antarprerana 2011

Over the course of the next two days, as students competed in the fest events, grace and effort determined who won and who lost. Some took away cash awards, many gained from the experience of participating and learning.

In the Artha Shodha or treasure hunt, participants explored the entire campus, as they faced riddles and fun tasks, while on a quest for the hidden treasure.

In Sanchayana, the marketing game, participants were invited to make products and sell them. “Make it simple, make it inviting to look at, make it fun to use,” was the tag line.

Other games tested participants on their financial, entrepreneurial and communication skills.

Antarprerana 2011

The student team from SBRR Mahajana College emerged as the overall winners of the event.

“The events were very innovative and creative,” stated Vivek from the winning team. “They really helped bring out the innate talent of the participants.”

Antarprerana 2011

Other participants expressed appreciation for the ambience of the host college.

“The college campus is very pristine,” said Madhusudan V., from Basudev Somani College. “I am happy to see a college where spirituality and education are given equal prominence.”

February 13, 2011
Mysore Campus

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