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ASCOM Faculty Members Exult in Success

September 9, 2013 - 2:20
ASCOM Faculty Members Exult in Success

An Amrita research paper titled Transcending Gender: Advertising Fairness Cream for Indian Men was recently published in the international journal Media Asia. The paper is authored by Sudha Venkataswamy, Vice Chairperson and Assistant Professor at Amrita School of Communication.

Media Asia is a scholarly journal dedicated to sharing critical insights and research-based studies that address contemporary communication challenges in Asia.

The article published in the journal (Media Asia: Volume 40, Issue 2) is a revised version of the paper presented in 2011 at the AMIC International Conference held at Hyderabad.

The article examines the current trend of marketing and advertising of fairness creams to Indian males and interrogates how market demands subvert gendered norms around the desire for fairness. In the light of the above, the emerging metrosexual and his tendency to flaunt a well-groomed personality is portrayed. In fact, advertising for fairness creams has transcended gender since the premise for men as well as for women remains the same.

The article also analyses the perpetuation of prejudices in advertisements, especially matrimonial. In this context, the very telling choice of vocabulary is given particular attention. In addition, the representation of the colour black and white in children’s comics or paintings of Krishna is also scrutinized.

Finally, the opinion of advertising professionals on ethical issues is exposed.

The convergence of class hierarchy, colonial history and social prejudice are central to the firmly entrenched notion of superiority being synonymous with fairness and mediated by advertisements.

Moreover, the article explores the complex interactions of cultural and colonial history with contemporary market demands.

Dr. Kalyani Suresh, Assistant Professor, Amrita School of Communication, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, was honored with the Award for the Best Professor Teaching Advertising Management given away in connection with The ABP NEWS National B-School Awards 2013.

The ABP NEWS National B-School Awards recognizes institutions that are innovative, modern & industry related in their curriculum in Marketing, Advertising, Marketing Communications and Engineering & Technology, etc.

The awards are well researched and chosen by an independent jury and a panel of eminent professionals who identify professionals from various cities who provide qualitative information on the basis of which faculty are nominated for the award. Secondary data comes from the alumni, the internet, social websites and media, published sources etc.

September 3, 2013
School of Communication, Coimbatore

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