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CEN Papers Accepted for Presentation in ARTCom 2009

July 18, 2009 - 3:45

July 18, 2009
CEN, Coimbatore Campus
The following papers from CEN were accepted for presentation in International Conference on Advances in Recent Technologies in Communication and Computing, ARTCom 2009. The conference is technically co-sponsored by the IEEE-Computational Intelligence Society. The papers will be archived in IEEE Xplore and IEEE CS Digital Library.

  1. Arathi T., K. P. Soman, Performance Evaluation of Information Theoretic Image Fusion Metrics Over Quantitative Metrics.

  3. K. P. Soman, Arathi T., An Intriguing Property of Scaling Function in Wavelet Theory and its Verification Using Daubechies-Lagarias Algorithm.

  5. Silja M.S., K. P. Soman, A Watermarking Algorithm Based on Contourlet Transform and Nonnegative Matrix Factorization.

  7. Soumya T. Soman, K. P. Soman, Wavelet Assignment Graph Kernel for Drug Virtual Screening.

  9. Truptimayee Sahoo, K. P. Soman, Low Frequency Spread Spectrum Image Watermarking Embedded Technique.

  11. Mallika K., K. P. Soman, Image Fusion Based on Overcomplete Rational Wavelet Transform with Improved IHS Method.

  13. Sulochana S., K.P. Soman, Image Fusion Using Support Value Transform (SVT) and Curvelets.

  15. Remya Ravindran P., K. P. Soman, Berkeley Wavelet Transform Based Image Watermarking.

  17. T. Hemalatha, K. Sukumar, K. P. Soman, Improving Security of Watermarking Algorithms via Parametric Mband Wavelet Transform.

  19. Nitin Raut, K. P. Soman, Efficient 3D Representation of Video Sequence.

  21. D. Bharat Bhushan, K. P. Soman, Polyphase Matrix Factorization — A Simplified Explanation.

  23. K. Sukumar, T. Hemalatha, K. P. Soman, Multi Image-Watermarking Scheme Based on Framelet and SVD.

  25. V. Joevivek, T. Hemalatha, K. P. Soman, Determining an Efficient Supervised Classification Method for Hyperspectral Image.

  27. V.Dhanalakshmi, M.Anandkumar, R.U.Rekha, C.Arunkumar, K.P.Soman, S.Rajendran, Morphological Analyzer for Agglutinative Languages Using Machine Learning Approaches.

  29. V. Dhanalakshmi, P. Padmavathy, M. Anandkumar, K. P. Soman, S. Rajendran, Chunker For Tamil.

  31. Lalithamani, K. P. Soman, Towards Generating Irrevocable Key For Cryptography From Cancelable Fingerprints.

  33. Ramanathan, K. P. Soman, Generalised and Channel Independent SVM Based Robust Decoders for Wireless Applications.

  35. Ramanathan, K. P. Soman, A Novel Technique for English Font Recognition Using Support Vector Machines.

  37. Ramanathan, K. P. Soman, Investigation and Development of Methods to Solve Multi-Class Classification Problems.

  39. Ramanathan, K. P. Soman, Improved Technique for the Construction of Parametric M – Band Wavelets.

  41. Ramanathan, K. P. Soman, A Support Vector Machines Approach for Efficient Facial Expression Recognition.

  43. Veerababu Reddy, Nikhil K. Kothurkar, B. Rajathilagam, Murali Rangarajan, K. P. Soman, Virtual Market Using Logistics Optimization.
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