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Computer Science OLabs Training Empowers Teachers to Transform Classroom Learning

November 1, 2023 - 11:45
Computer Science OLabs Training Empowers Teachers to Transform Classroom Learning

At a time when technology is reshaping the world, educators must be equipped with the necessary resources and expertise. Towards this, Amrita CREATE organized an engaging virtual session on October 19, 2023. Dr. Swaminathan J, Chairperson and Associate Professor, Department of CSE and AI, School of Computing, Amritapuri, trained teachers through an exciting Computer Science OLabs Training Session for teachers.
Over 70 participants attended the session. The participants learned about OLabs, a cutting-edge platform that can help make Computer Science (CS)instruction easier. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from the participants captured enthusiasm and eagerness to explore the untapped potential of OLabs that helps simplify teaching complex CS concepts to young minds.
The OLabs Training Session sparked interest in the teachers as they are eager to incorporate the platform into their teaching methods. Their openness to sharing resources on various subjects demonstrated how computer science educators can work together and exchange knowledge, improving the quality of teaching.
The interactive showed that the participants had an appetite for more advanced topics in technology education. They expressed interest in attending sessions related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) while underscoring the need for continued professional development in emerging fields.
The OLabs training session also highlights how crucial it is to provide educators with up-to-date resources and methods to motivate and instruct the upcoming generation of computer scientists. It helped set the stage for computer science education to become more dynamic and exciting, to prepare students for the ever-evolving tech landscape better.
The training session was coordinated by Ms. Reshma B and Ms. Rathnam Chenthamarakshan, with Mr. Sibin B, Software Developer, assisting with the simulation presentation. 

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