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Dedicated to Selfless Service During Ramayana Month

July 17, 2011 - 4:03

July 20, 2011
Health Sciences Campus, Kochi

On July 17, 2011, a group of dedicated volunteers from Amrita’s Health Sciences campus set out for cleaning activities at the Cheranallore Panchayath Public Cemetery, Vrindavan old-age home and premises of the Vaduthala-Chittoor Bridge.


The day was special as it marked the beginning of the traditional holy month of Karkitakam.

For eons now, during the Karkitakam Masam, believers have reverently recited the Ramayana, intensified their spiritual practices, regulated their diet and practiced abstinence. The inner purity attained from these distinctive practices led to their spiritual, physical and mental wellbeing.

While aspirants strive for inner purity, this enthusiastic group decided to strive for outer purity as well by freeing the external environment from all kinds of garbage littered around.


It was with these noble thoughts in mind, that the group set out on its latest Amala Bharatam endeavour.

Cleaning the two-acre cemetery premises first, the group totally transformed the surroundings which had not been cleaned for ages. In the newly cleaned surroundings, the group then planted saplings of ashoka, chempaka pera and mango trees.

Visiting the old-age home, Vrindavan, the group next undertook the cleaning of the water purification plant. The unit members of Cheranallore belonging to the Ernakulam District Residents Association also joined in the cleaning alongside the Amrita team.


Upon special request from Panchayat President, Shri. Suresh Babu and Vaduthala Ward Member, Smt. Tresia, the Amalabharatam team next made special efforts to clean the Vaduthala-Chittoor Bridge. Removing heaps upon heaps of rubbish, they helped rid the bridge of all wastes deposited alongside its edges for several years.

“With our efforts, the Amala Bharatam Campaign, visualized and blessed by our Chancellor Amma, gained momentum,” proudly stated the participating team members. “We are happy to have received enthusiastic participation from the community also.”

“Let everyone take an oath to do his or her bit during this holy month.”


On this occasion, one may recall Amma’s words:

“Only a comprehensive vision generated from a spiritual base will find permanent solutions to our environmental problems.”

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