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Discovering Novel Opportunities in Dentistry

December 21, 2010 - 2:52

December 21, 2010
School of Dentistry, Kochi

Dr. Maya Rajan PeterDr. Maya Rajan Peter, postgraduate trainee at the Amrita School of Dentistry recently won the best scientific paper award (review category) at the Midterm Conference of the Society of Periodontists and Implantologists of Kerala (SPIK).

The conference was conducted at Government Dental College, Trivandrum.

Dr. Maya’s paper titled Nanotechnology and Periodontics reviewed the emerging opportunities in dental sciences and disease treatment based on the rapid progress in the field of nanotechnology.

“The application of this advancement in dentistry permits the utilization of materials and devices designed to interact with the body at a molecular level with a high degree of specificity,” stated Dr. Maya.

“This can also be potentially translated into targeted cellular and tissue-specific clinical applications that achieve the maximum therapeutic efficacy with minimal side effects.”

Dr. Maya’s paper threw light on the chief scientific and technological aspects of nanotechnology, highlighting its potential clinical applications in the field of periodontics.

Currently pursuing her post-graduation in Periodontics, Dr. Maya is learning more about this field that focuses on the study of supporting structures of teeth, diseases and conditions that affect them.

Dr. Maya explained further.

Best Paper Award“The growing interest in the future of dental applications of nanotechnology and its implications in periodontics has led to the emergence of nanomaterials, biotechnology including tissue engineering and dental nanorobotics.”

“All this will greatly aid in the maintenance of oral health.”

“Nanodentistry has a strong potential to revolutionize the periodontal diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease.”

“Nanorobotics, although still in preliminary stages of research, holds the promise of changing dentistry, health care and human life more profoundly than any other technological breakthrough in dental history.”

Dr. Maya acknowledged the guidance and support received from her professors including Dr. Jayachandran P., Dr. Angel Jacob, Dr. Rajesh Vyloppillil, Dr. Anuradha Bhaskar and Dr. Sowmya R.

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