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 Empowering Women in Coastal Villages of Tamil Nadu Through Successful Seaweed Harvests

May 8, 2024 - 12:20
 Empowering Women in Coastal Villages of Tamil Nadu Through Successful Seaweed Harvests

Seaweed cultivation is a booming business globally, presenting a promising opportunity for empowering rural women in coastal regions. In Tamil Nadu’s Rameswaram District, AMMACHI Labs is leading a transformative initiative, training women in seaweed cultivation to equip them with sustainable farming skills and a reliable source of income.

This project initiated by AMMACHI Labs in collaboration with joint funding between Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham and the Transworld Group of Companies, is actively engaging women in seaside villages. Through an integrated vocational training approach, the project aims to empower 120 women over two years, fostering the establishment of collective businesses in seaweed cultivation.

In the last two months, 24 women from Thiruppalaikudi village completed training and achieved a successful harvest of 1290 kgs in their first round of cultivation. In a field visit, the AMMACHI Labs team encountered an extreme low tide level, emphasising the dynamic nature of seaweed cultivation environments.

Engaging actively in seaweed growth monitoring, the trainees regularly checked crops to optimise yield. Furthermore, they devoted time to constructing a plot for a research-based experiment, indicating a commitment to advancing knowledge in the field. The procurement of Gracialria and Ulva species from nearby Nambuthalai village also underscored their dedication to hands-on research and potential comparative studies.

On a field visit, the AMMACHI Labs team seized the opportunity to gather materials for a drying platform, including a wooden frame, mesh nets, and PVC sheets. The added equipment helps streamline the drying process of harvests, essential for preservation and subsequent use or sale.

On May 2nd, AMMACHI Labs conducted a final assessment in the field for the trainees. As some of the participants do not read or write, it was conducted both orally and practically to ensure equality and accessibilty for all. A total of 20 students underwent the assessment and their pride in their newfound skills and knowledge was plain to see.
Overall, AMMACHI Labs’ visit and accompanying activities underscored their dedication to practical research and training in seaweed cultivation. By equipping trainees with essential infrastructure and fostering a research-driven approach, they demonstrated a commitment to advancing the industry and empowering practitioners for success.

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