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Ethical Fashion: The Glorka Project

September 16, 2022 - 2:42
Ethical Fashion: The Glorka Project

For the last three years (2018-2021) AMMACHI Labs has partnered with Glorka Wear, an ethical
fashion company from Los Angeles founded by renowned designer Zhenya Glorka. Together,
the joint collaboration has impacted the lives of women in rural areas across India.

This project has two goals. The first is to offer women employment opportunity while teaching them new skills that are employable and valuable. The second is to create a heart-to-heart connection with them through acknowledging them, paying attention to their life, sharing stories, while co-creating fashion pieces together each of which is a work of art.

Each handcrafted artwork is a testament to the dedication of the cooperative’s creative female members. The various artisan groups became increasingly adept in the craft of tailoring and gained self-confidence thanks to Glorka’s passion and determination in the women. Several groups continue to make Indian skirts and kurtas, as well as hand-sewn jackets and other items.

In 2020 Glorka visited two villages: Juna Kattiwada in Madhya Pradesh and Shyamoli
Rajasthan. Despite the pandemic, Glorka placed orders with the women’s groups that were fulfilled and shipped throughout the pandemic.

In Glorka’s own words:
“For the past three years I have been going to India to empower women in rural villages together with AMMACHI Labs.

AMMACHI Labs has been offering tailoring courses for women from rural villages, women who don’t really have access to quality education or employment opportunities. When I come to the villages, I live with them, teach them a particular design and together we co-create collections of dresses. After they complete a piece of clothing, I pay them a fair wage for their work.

It’s been a while but finally one of the packages has arrived from Rajasthan with the new skirts!
The awesome thing is – we adjusted the belt and added an extension to it. It’s a new things and I was able to communicate it with the ladies from Shyamoli via WhatsApp video and give instructions and with the help Amritha (researcher from AMMACHI Labs) we could translate the instructions to them and they understood and did a great job making the new belts for the skirts! And once again, the quality once again is getting better and better.

We just did a photoshoot and I am happy to share some of the best photos from it, such
Beautiful creations!” -Glorka

Photoshoots of Orders between July 2020-August 2021

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