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The number of fossil-fuel-powered personal transport vehicles in India, including cars and two-wheelers, are increasing at an alarming rate, resulting not only in traffic problems in cities, but also worsening air quality.

Of concern particularly, is the increase in emissions of greenhouse gases, causing global climate change.

Our Chancellor Amma also repeatedly emphasizes the need to carpool and walk or cycle instead of always driving, in her programs all over the world, motivating people to help restore harmony in Mother Nature.

In a bid to create awareness, the world community observes September 22 as World Car-Free Day. On this day, priority is given to walking, cycling and using public transport instead of personal vehicles.

The day, this year, saw over 170 students, faculty and staff members of the Amritapuri campus come together for a bicycle rally beginning from Karunagapally Town and ending in the campus.

The participants were led by the Director, Dean and Principals. No one used a personal transport vehicle to come to campus that day.

The Amrita fraternity was observing the World Car-Free Day for the second time in two years.

“What you are doing today, is admirable in many ways. First, riding a bicycle promotes good health; second, the traffic caused by motor vehicles is reduced; third, the environmental hazards from fuel consumption are tackled. So promoting bicycle rides is a commendable thing,” stated Dr. Thomas Isaac, MLA and Ex-Finance Minister of Kerala, flagging off the rally at Karunagapally Town at around 8:00 am.

As the 170 cyclists rode down the roads, it was a sight to behold. Students riding their bicycles energetically, alongside their faculty and staff members, setting a good example for all. Passers-by noted the catchy slogans and messages the cycles bore, advocating the need to protect Mother Nature.

The bicycle rally arrived on campus at around 9:00 am.

“I feel so glad, being a part of such a great initiative. It made me think and filled my heart with enthusiasm,” shared Heera K. H., third-year BTech student of Electronics and Communication Engineering.

“I really feel that I did something for society. I am so glad to have been able to participate in such an initiative. I can’t forget this experience. Hats off to all the institution’s coordinators,” added Heera’s classmate, Rohit Prakash.

“This endeavor was a part of our effort in supporting and contributing towards a greener tomorrow. Drawing inspiration from our Beloved Chancellor Amma, regarding our duties and responsibilities towards the protection and preservation of Mother Nature, a few of our bright students and supportive faculty members took the initiative and made this a success,” stated Br. Sudeep, Campus Director, Amritapuri campus.


The New Indian Express – Amritapuri Campus Observes ‘Car-free Day’

November 1, 2012
Amritapuri Campus

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