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From Building Storeys to Penning Stories

April 4, 2012 - 3:26

“For constructing buildings, one chooses an appropriate plot (of land) and builds storeys. In film making also, one needs to develop the plot through stories.”

Seeking to draw a parallel between their studies (BTech in Civil Engineering) and their hobby (making short films), final-year students at Coimbatore campus Dheeraj V. and Karthik C. S. added, “The bottom line for us is that whatever the task, creativity and passion plays a vital role.”

The duo recently won the People’s Choice Award for their short film, beating 250 other entries.

The contest was jointly organized by D. G. Vaishnava College of Communication and PVR Cinemas. It attracted participation not just from hobbyists such as Dheeraj and Karthik but also students of communication and seasoned professionals.

“We never thought we would win this award when we submitted our entry. There was intense competition from professional film makers in the contest. Majority of the films that showcased were professionally made,” the students remarked.

“We were so surprised but delighted when the results were announced,” they added.

Their film Pariyadhum Veruoom (Tamil) depicts the journey of the hero who tries hard to meet the expectations of the people around him. He fails, but does not give up; he tries again and again. Finally, he understands that he needs to be true to his passion. His ultimate triumph results when he follows his heart and joins the army.

“The hero of our movie represents all youngsters who don’t follow their dreams, their passion, but live like ordinary human beings, trying to satisfy other people,” explained the winning students.

“We made this movie to encourage youngsters to choose the path they feel is right in life.”

Where did they learn the basics and nuances of film making?

“We have not really learned. Whatever we know is from watching movies and trying to apply the principles we saw working. We have not done any courses in film-making.”

“The fact that we still got the award was totally God’s grace.”

“It was a moment of jubilation for us. When the audience in a packed theatre accepts you and votes for you. Even though our movie was a zero budget movie, we got this tremendous response.”

“The best thing is that through films, we can touch many hearts.”

This film had brought accolades to the students in earlier forums as well. They received the Special Jury Award and the Best Director Award in an International Film Festival AVTAR.

April 4, 2012
School of Engineering, Coimbatore

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