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Golden Goody Award (Oscar for Social Good)

June 14, 2015 - 5:06
Golden Goody Award (Oscar for Social Good)

Amma was honoured with a Golden Goody Award (Oscar for Social Good) for her Worldwide Humanitarian Charities on Sunday, 14th at the Los Angeles International Airport Hilton.

Goody Awards Founder Liz H. Kelly presented the lifetime achievement award by emphasising, “Amma is a global role model who has touched the hearts of millions demonstrating that a life dedicated to selfless love and service to humanity is truly possible. We are humbly honoured to present Amma with our top Golden Goody Award.”

Accepting the award, Amma said, “In reality, this award is an offering to my children for all the selfless service they do all over the world.”

Goody Awards mission is to inspire positive change by recognising and promoting the good in the world in four Eco Social areas: Environment, Education, Health and Women Empowerment.

14 June, 2015
Los Angeles, America Yatra 2015

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