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In CTF 2013

February 15, 2013 - 3:04
In CTF 2013

Not a day passes when several machines are compromised and infections spread rampantly in the world today. The cyber world has witnessed several dangerous attacks including the Stuxnet virus and it’s successor Duqu. Other recent attacks include the Flame malware, which managed to disguise itself as a legitimate Windows software. It exploited a bug in Windows to obtain a certificate which allowed itself to authenticate itself as genuine Windows software. Other notable examples include rise of botnets such as the highly resilient Zeus banking trojan and the Conficker worm. There have also been instances of espionage by government agencies on one another such as the recent incident where Georgia CERT discovered a Russian hacker spying on them.

Indian websites offer little or no resistance to such security incidents. The Computer Emergency Response Team, India(Cert-In) has been tracking defacements of Indian websites amongst other security incidents. Their monthly and annual bulletins detail the various vulnerabilities and malware infections in various Indian websites. It’s really sad that with so much talent and skill, Indian websites are compromised frequently and nothing can be done to stand this wave of attacks on them.

InCTF is a Capture the Flag style ethical hacking contest, a strategic war-game designed to mimic the real world security challenges. Software developers in India have little exposure to secure coding practices and the effects of not adopting such practices-one of the main reasons why systems are compromised quite easily these. Following such simple practices can help prevent such incidents.

InCTF ‘13 is from December 2012 to April 2013 and is focused exclusively on the student community. You can participate from your own university and no travel is required. No prior exposure or experience in cyber security needed to participate.

What you need to do?

  • 1. Form a team (minimum three and maximum five members from your college)
  • 2. Approach a faculty/mentor and request him/her to mentor your team
  • 3. Register online at

Great Rewards
20K The winning team receives a cash prize of up to Rs. 20000/-
15K The first runner-up team receives a cash prize of up to Rs. 15000/-
10K The second runner-up team receives a cash prize of up to Rs. 10000/-

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? Teams are awarded prizes based on their performance
? Deserving teams are well awarded. Exciting prizes to be won.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s simple: Register, Learn, Hack!

Keep up with us

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*Cash prizes are subject to their performance and participation in the CTF round. Only teams who connect to the VPN server and successfully gain points in the CTF round are eligible for prizes. In addition, cash prize winners of previous editions of InCTF and sCTF are not eligible for prizes this time. Prizes will be awarded only if all members of the team are not in final year of their education. The decision of Team InCTF is final.

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