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Increasing Emphasis on Intellectual Output

August 24, 2011 - 12:43

August 25, 2011
School of Business, Coimbatore

A change is underway at the Amrita School of Business.

The School was always known for its emphasis on ethics and values. Now it is fast becoming known also for its intellectual output and quality research.

School of Business

Faculty members are increasingly travelling to destinations worldwide, presenting their work in top international conferences. They are partnering with colleagues in top global schools for their research.

Their papers are being accepted for publication in the best research journals.

Spearheading this change, and leading from the front by example, is none other than the new Dean of the Amrita School of Business, Dr. G.K. Kalyanaram.

Dr. G.K. KalyanaramHis paper titled Boundary conditions for turnover intentions: Exploratory evidence from China, Jordan, Turkey, and the United States was recently accepted for publication in the International Journal of Human Resource Management.

The journal is regarded as one the best journals worldwide for research in human resources management.

Dr. Kalyanaram co-authored the publication with Hao Chen and David L. Ford Jr., both from School of Management, University of Texas at Dallas, USA as well as Rabi S. Bhagat, Fogelman College of Business, University of Memphis, USA.

“Our publication examined the boundary conditions for the formation of turnover intention,” explained Dr. Kalyanaram. “We proposed that the environment, both at the firm level and at societal level, moderated relationships among organizational commitment, job satisfaction and turnover intention.”

“Our findings show support for our model using professional employees from China, Jordan, Turkey and the USA and reveal the similarities/differences across cultures. The results call for our attention in taking into consideration the environmental conditions (organizational, cultural, and economic) when studying antecedent factors of turnover intention.”

Earlier this month, Dr. Kalyanaram published in the International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing. This time it was a book review completed in collaboration with his Amrita colleague, Dr. Sunanda Muralidharan, Chairperson, Kochi campus.

“The book, Nudge, by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein is an excellent rendition of how human beings view choices and make decisions,” the duo wrote. “The book combines theory and practice well and presents facts in an easy, yet compelling format.”

Dr. G.K. Kalyanaram

In addition to the publishing in top journals, Dr. Kalyanaram has also found time to engage with industry experts through seminars and workshops.

For instance, recently he conducted a one-day workshop for employees of Roots Industries, an auto parts maker in Coimbatore on Market Dynamics and Marketing Strategy.

Translating his research into simple language, he shared his insights with the participants.


“Your measurement of losses and gains is based on your expectations,” he said. “We usually react more sharply to price increases rather than to price decreases.”

“We have to nibble away at the price by offering discounts such that people notice,” he underlined.

In contemporary times, when B-Schools are understanding that they need to produce talent that strives to solve societal problems, rather than just seek the instant gratification of a fat pay cheque, this reaching out from the Amrita School of Business becomes even more significant.

Its values and mission can inform and enlighten, helping usher in the change the world needs today.

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