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Innovation Jockeys Awarded

May 5, 2012 - 3:38
Innovation Jockeys Awarded

Vineeth Mohan, Paul Leons, Rizwin Shooja and Ajay Mohanan, final-year students of BTech (Electronics and Communication Engineering) at Amrita teamed up to make a Smart Traffic Controller.

“With our controller, vehicles can dynamically interact among one another, helping curbing traffic congestion and reporting other traffic-related problems in a cost-effective manner,” team members shared.

The team won the Yahoo Accenture Innovation Jockeys Contest together with another team from Amrita.

The second team, also of final-year BTech students, Ramesh Nair, Sai Manoj and Mithun Mohan won the award for their gesture-based wheelchair.

“The wheelchair is useful for those who have lost the ability to use their limbs due to old age, paralysis or congenital birth abnormalities. The system includes a preloaded map of the home that could help the elderly, who might otherwise inadvertently forget their way around, when moving inside the house,” shared team members.

Both student teams were guided by Br. Rajesh Kannan.

The two winning Amrita student teams together with four teams from other universities in India were the only ones to make it to the final round of this contest.

The contest was launched by Yahoo! India and Accenture to seek out, honor and reward India’s innovative minds in her campuses. Everyday Innovations for Home, College and City; so ran the theme line of the contest.

The winning team that created the smart traffic controller shared their motivation for taking up the project.

“Indian cities are synonymous with ultra busy traffic zones and very poor traffic management. Road accidents are touching all time highs; automation of traffic management can help a great deal, wireless sensor networks also hold the key.”

Explaining the workings of the system, they said, “Traffic congestion is determined by estimating how many vehicles are there in a particular time interval in the traffic zone. The system is meant to communicate live traffic status feeds among the vehicles through wireless nodes having radio receivers and sensors.”

“Our Smart Traffic Controller is efficient in the use of power and high on performance. It is non-intrusive, which means that no digging of roads, or erecting of traffic monitors is required. There is a very low infrastructural cost.”

Students of both winning teams received a gift hamper from Apple, which included an Apple iPad and an Apple iPod.

Amrita congratulates both winning teams on this achievement.


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May 5, 2012
School of Engineering, Amritapuri

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