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Kriti — ASE Bangalore’s New E-Newsletter

September 19, 2009 - 10:54

September 19, 2009
Bangalore Campus
KritiKriti, in Sanskrit, means a-work-of-art. Kriti is also the name of the new e-newsletter, being published every month by the Amrita School of Engineering (ASE) at Bangalore. “It is a sincere endeavor to strengthen the bonds of the ASE Bangalore fraternity by providing a common platform to share and rejoice in our achievements,” stated the editorial message in the inaugural issue. Last week saw the e-release of Kriti’s third issue.
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“This e-newsletter is already helping to bring about a change in the culture here,” stated Associate Dean, Prof. Rakesh S. G., who spearheaded the effort to launch Kriti. “Now when Kriti is published each month, faculty members are already thinking about the achievements from their respective departments to be showcased during the following month. Kriti features faculty and prominent student achievements from all departments.”
There are nine departments at the Amrita School of Engineering at Bangalore, viz. Computer Science and Engg, Information Sciences, Electrical and Communications Engg, Electrical and Electronics Engg, Mechanical Engg, Civil Engg, Mathematics, Physics and English. In addition, there is the CISCO Networking Academy, the campus-wide Information and Communication Technology Services (ICTS) and the Library.
“We, the faculty of ASE Bangalore, work towards taking this institution to higher levels of academic excellence,” the inaugural editorial message had also stated. “In this united effort, all departments conduct and attend workshops, FDPs, publish research papers and win accolades for other significant contributions. Often news of such accomplishments remain restricted to the respective departments.”
But not any longer. Now there is a platform to share and know. Prof. S. Ravishankar of ECE with his students presented a paper at the 2009 ICASID Conference in City University, Hong Kong, Dr. Manjula G. Nair of EEE published a research paper in the International Journal of Power Electronics, Dr. Kumar Rajamani of CSE presented the status of Amrita’s e-learning projects to the MHRD Evaluation Panel at IGNOU in New Delhi, Kriti readers find out all this and more.
In addition to faculty news, Kriti also includes news of students selected for fellowships, in-plant trainings and internships. Student paper presentation news is included as well as projects successfully completed. Dept of ICTS has launched a new web-portal — there are announcements such as these.
The first page in the newsletter is dedicated to a quote from Chancellor Amma. In fact, every page in Kriti has a short quote, from Amma’s books.

There is tremendous power in the written word and Kriti is clearly determined to use it well.

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