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Make a Game Workshop by Gabriel Coleman for Glitch Club

March 6, 2024 - 2:08
Make a Game Workshop by Gabriel Coleman for Glitch Club

The Game Development Workshop, convened on December 22nd at Shraddha Hall, represented the culmination of two months of meticulous planning spearheaded by N Rizwan, a proactive S3 BCA student. This event was orchestrated with the dual purpose of enticing prospective interns to the Ammachi labs internship program and showcasing a game crafted by the organizers.

Facilitated by Gabriel Coleman from Florida University, the workshop encompassed a session that engaged attendees in hands-on game development activities. The collaboration with the Glitch club yielded a resoundingly positive response from participating students, with some even expressing interest in pursuing internships at Ammachi labs following their experience at the workshop. The event garnered a robust attendance, with over 40 participants and staff in attendance.

Feedback from workshop attendees underscored the success of the game development activities, with no discernible areas for improvement identified. As a tangible outcome, several individuals were successfully recruited into the Ammachi labs internship program, attesting to the workshop’s efficacy. Overall, the event was hailed as a triumph, owing to the diligent efforts and dedication of the organizers. Beyond achieving its primary objective of attracting interns, the workshop provided invaluable hands-on learning opportunities for participants.

Encouraged by its success, organizers are contemplating the prospect of hosting similar workshops in the future, aiming to sustain the momentum generated and further cultivate interest in game development and internship opportunities within the Ammachi labs ecosystem.

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