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MBA Programs Inaugurated at Amrita

July 2, 2011 - 9:07
MBA Programs Inaugurated at Amrita

July 2, 2011
School of Business, Coimbatore

India’s youth form a major chunk of its population, with 60% people under the age of 30.

These enthusiastic young men and women enter the labor force with big aspirations. Many employed youth opt for higher education to boost their skill-sets.


The incoming batch of students in the MBA programs at Amrita’s four campuses reflected this trend. About 35% have worked before, in various industries.

The new batch is a mix from around the nation, with a high level of diversity. There are those with distinguished academic records, high CAT percentiles, accomplished entrepreneurs and students with exceptional achievements in sports and other co-curricular activities.

The four MBA programs were inaugurated, welcoming the incoming batch of students at the respective campuses. Eminent personalities from industry and academia were present at each inaugural.


Speaking at Coimbatore’s MBA inauguration ceremony on June 22, Pro-Chancellor Br. Abhayamitra Chaitanya said, “Our choice must be a conscious choice. We need not choose a career simply for the career’s sake. More than an MBA graduate, we want each one of you to be a better human being.”

He stressed education for life along with education for a living, as envisioned by Chancellor Amma.

Chief guests at the Coimbatore session included S. C. Sarkar, Vice President, L&T Ltd. and Dr. Madhusudan Atre, President and MD, Applied Materials India Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru.


On June 23, Dean of Amrita School of Business, Dr. G. Kalyanaram, welcomed the new students at the Bengaluru campus, by highlighting Amrita’s distinguishing attributes.

“Amrita School of Business is unique because it combines universal values of discovery of truth with reflective and active learning,” he said.

Vice President of MindTree, Mr. Kalyan Kumar Banerjee, who presided, asked students to contemplate on how as individuals and future leaders, they could contribute to India as it became a super power in the global world.


On June 29, during the Kochi campus inauguration, Development Commissioner, CSEZ, C. J. Mathew spoke emphatically to new students about maintaining vigilance against corporate world corruption.

Amritapuri campus welcomed its third batch of MBA students on July 1. Chief Guest, Korath V. Mathew, Director-Akshaya, Department of IT, Government of Kerala, spoke on values and patriotism, inspiring students to always place society and the country before oneself.

Beginning this year, Amrita’s MBA program will offer new courses in Financial Modeling, Sustainability and Health. In addition, new research programs will be undertaken in public health, climate change and sustainability.


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