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Amrita School of Pharmacy’s “Meet the Legend” Program with Dr. Saraswati

January 2, 2020 - 12:00
Amrita School of Pharmacy’s “Meet the Legend” Program with Dr. Saraswati

On December 31, 2019, the “Meet the Legend” program was held in the first-floor conference room at Amrita School of Pharmacy. The program was attended by the students of Pharm. D. 2019 and 2018 batches. The guest invited for the talk was Dr. Saraswati (Professor and HOD, Department of Physiology, AIMS, Kochi).

The talk started with a prayer remembering the Chancellor and guide, Amma. Dr. Sarswasti introduced herself as an ardent devotee of Amma. She shared many of her life experiences where Amma was her only hope. She talked about her strong faith in Amma and the belief that Amma is responsible for all the good things that happened in her life. She was working as a Professor at Alapuzha medical college when she first met Amma along with her family. She described it as one of her most beautiful memories of her life. She believes that Amma is a miracle maker. One of the most extraordinary experiences told by her was that of Amma curing her throat ailment. She also described another instance where Amma performed the house warming ceremony of her newly constructed house.

Dr. Saraswati is committed to giving her selfless services to the free medical camps held at Brahmasthanam Kochi. She also gave valuable pieces of information on how to study effectively and how to meditate for achieving maximum concentration. Dr. Saraswati was accompanied by her husband Dr. Ganesh, who is an expert in the field of economics. He also shared some of his valuable experiences at Amritapuri. She described the project he did for his Ph.D.

Dr. Saraswati invited students to AIMS to learn further about new and innovative techniques of learning. She is also the recipient of the best teacher award for her innovative teaching methods.

She is an inspiration and was able to motivate the young minds of the pharmacy college. She also distributed toffees for everyone as part of the new year and to express her love for students.

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