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Motivational Talks

March 26, 2022 - 12:17
Motivational Talks

Mr. Vijay Menon, an expert in Human Resource Development, a corporate trainer and a Social worker gave motivational talk to the students of first year B.Pharm, Pharm.D, M.Pharm and Ph.D on 2nd February 2021 and 25th March 2021.


  • Discussed about the morality and humanity within every individual
  • Stressed about the significant values which one should possess to lead a meaningful life

Swami Mahamedhananda of Sri Ramakrishna Math gave a deep insight on the topic “Spirituality in daily life” to the students and faculty on 19th April 2021.

  • Dealt with divinity, ethics and real-life aspects
  • Discussed the importance of a Guru, a master in life and also the kind of relationships to be developed from within every individual

Swami Atmananda Puri from Amritapuri delivered a talk on ‘Success In Life’ for the students and faculty members on 28th April 2021.

  • Explained the importance of ‘ASSET’ in our life which can be achieved through Activities, Seva, Sadhana, Exercise, Trust and Love.

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