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MySangham Vocational Portal Launched

September 30, 2013 - 11:30
MySangham Vocational Portal Launched

On 26th September, 2013 several new projects from Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham were launched during the occasion of Amritavarsham 60, Amma’s Birthday celebration. MySangham was one of the major projects which was unveiled. MySangham is an online portal created by AMMACHI Labs that aims at making skill-based education and employment accessible to low-income rural communities.

“Education is everyone’s birthright, and it should be accessible even in the remotest parts of India, without barriers of gender or economic status,” says Prof. Bhavani Bijlani, the Director of AMMACHI Labs. “Technology is the only way to provide education to the poor on the massive scale required.”

MySangham is a virtual social-network community that connects people and provides online skill-training and access to employment. Potential employers can connect with apprentices-in-training, help teachers share online courses. The plaform will serve as a noticeboard for both people seeking work and those offering jobs. Through computerized vocational education training, MySangham leverages technology to deliver education to the masses in India and elsewhere. Individuals using the portal become empowered with knowledge and the opportunity to earn a livelihood in a field of their choice.

“The great thing about MySangham is that it will bring vocational training to the people,” says Prof. Bijalani. “Through the National Optical Fiber Network project, the Indian Government has provided the infrastructure to provide Internet connectivity to panchayats throughout India. Availing of this connectivity, the Mata Amritanandamayi Math is setting up vocational-training centres in 101 villages throughout India. Through centres like these, villagers can access MySangham and thereby quickly avail of the collection of services it will provide.”

Prof. Bijlani says that it is her hope that through MySangham and other technologies, we can leverage technology to bring skills to everyone. “Just imagine if we could really bring vocational education to everyone. What an impact it would have on our country.”

The scope of MySangham goes beyond an online portal. It defines a reusable framework for an entire class of applications, for education, training, and human resource engagement. It is a powerful social outreach tool for education, employment and community enrichment through collaboration.


September 30, 2013

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