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National Mathematics Workshop at Bengaluru Campus

March 18, 2011 - 11:02
National Mathematics Workshop at Bengaluru Campus

March 26, 2011
School of Engineering, Bengaluru

A two-day national workshop Analytical and Numerical Solutions of Nonlinear Differential Equations was conducted at the Bengaluru campus on March 18 and 19.

maths Workshop

The event was inaugurated with a ceremony presided over by invited speakers Prof P. G. Siddheshwar, Department of Mathematics, Bangalore University and Dr. P. S. Datti, School of Mathematics, TIFR, Bengaluru.

mathsworkshopFrom the Amrita campus, Correspondent, Br. Dhanraji, Chair of ECE Department, Prof. C. G. S. Sharma and Chair of Mathematics Department, Dr. K. V. Nagaraja, were present.

After Dr. K. V. Nagaraja welcomed the gathering of about 80 participants, nearly half of whom had traveled from other states to attend, Prof P. G. Siddheshwar’s keynote address followed.

Next Dr. P. S. Datti spoke on solving Linear and Nonlinear PDE using different transformation methods such as Backlund, Point and Hodograph Transformation, Porous Medium Equation and Burger Equation.

The next talk was delivered by Prof. Pradeep G. Siddheshwar of Bangalore University. In his presentation, he emphasized the importance of mathematical modeling, and its role in non-mathematical disciplines.

He also discussed the problems which arise in nonlinear equations such as slipper bearing, flow due to a stretching film and non-Darcy flow through porous media.

Maths workshop

Presenting the differential transform and homotopy based methods in detail, he stressed the importance of the computational software programs Mathematica and Matlab.

These programs, which serve as a numerical computing environment and programming language, allow matrix manipulations, plotting of functions and data and implementation of algorithms, among other operations.

“Be tech-savvy and keep yourselves abreast of the latest developments,” said Prof. Pradeep, to the researchers present.

The second day offered participants hands-on-training in Matlab.

Maths Workshop

Participants were provided familiarity with Matlab commands, starting with the basics to solving differential equations, analytically and numerically by writing small programs.

After the lab sessions, a quiz was conducted. The three winners were honored during the valedictory function on March 19.

“The workshop was highly informative and very well organized,” stated a participant. “I look forward to more opportunities to associating with Amrita.”

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