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National Workshop on Open Source Systems

September 12, 2015 - 4:27
National Workshop on Open Source Systems

A national workshop on Open Source Systems was conducted on September 12, 2015, by Mr. Sreedhu Krishnan, Senior Technical Trainer, Infosys, Mysuru. His emphasis was on more flexible technology which would allow quicker innovation through modular systems and create custom interfaces to add new abilities. During the session, Mr. Sreedhu noted that OSS development approach had helped to produce reliable, high-quality software quickly and cost-effectively.

Talking about Linux, the most popular open source software available today, he observed that it is a stable and very efficient operating system suitable for running servers. He had also noted that the Linux administration, which is deployed in various Linux distributions, is highly customizable according to both the user and organizational needs. The students found the workshop to be extremely useful which familiarized them with installing Linux OS, creating user accounts and configuration of FTP server, Web Server and MySQL server in the Linux OS.

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