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New Mexico Students in Amrita and Vice-Versa

May 14, 2011 - 12:06

May 14, 2011
Amritapuri & Coimbatore Campuses

Last year an MoU was signed with the University of New Mexico to facilitate student exchanges.


The University of New Mexico is a public research university that was founded in 1889. Located in Albuquerque in the United States, it is considered as the New Mexico’s flagship research institution.

Chelscy Senton and August Noel Blair were attending classes at the premier university when they heard about the exchange opportunity with Amrita. They applied, and for the past six months, have been in Amrita’s Coimbatore campus, learning and sharing.

Chelscy Senton, who will graduate with a bachelors’ degree in Chemical Engineering, from University of New Mexico, chose to attend classes with sixth semester B.Tech. students at Amrita.

Chelscy Senton

“I chose Amrita because 75% of the syllabus matches with what I am studying in my home university,” she stated. “And here the medium of instruction is in English, which I can follow.”

After Chelscy returns to the US, she will complete two semesters of study at the University of New Mexico, before graduating.

August Noel Blair’s love for India and her enthusiasm to explore this land encouraged her to come to study at Amrita. The anthropology major attended classes with second semester students of Masters in Social Work (MSW).

August Noel Blair

“I liked learning many things about disaster management that were taught here,” August said. “During field visits, I met many different people. These experiences will help me a lot in my future research work in anthropology.”

Joining Chelscy and August, when they return back to the US this summer, will be four students from Amrita, who will spend one-two semesters at the University of New Mexico, as part of the same student exchange program.

Anusha Munjuluri, final-year B.Tech. student of Computer Sciences and Sadhivikas, third-year B.Tech. student of Electronics and Instrumentation will spend their next semester in the US university. Both students are currently enrolled in the Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore where they will continue their studies upon return from the US.


Amritapuri students, Hardik Bhate and Arjun R., classmates in the Bachelors of Business Management (B.B.M.) program will also travel to the US university to complete their final year of studies in New Mexico.

“We will have the chance to enroll for MBA level courses also,” the duo stated. “We are really happy to have this opportunity. We are looking forward to the learning and the new experiences over the course of the next year in the US university.”

We wish all these students the very best!

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