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New Textbook of Probability and Statistics Published

June 19, 2010 - 10:21
New Textbook of Probability and Statistics Published

June 19, 2010
School of Engineering, Coimbatore

Sleepless nights, nightmares, last minute preparations? Perhaps no more … as a new textbook on probability and statistics comes to the rescue of undergraduate students of engineering.

 Dr. J. RavichandranProbability and Statistics for Engineers, authored by Dr. J. Ravichandran, Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the Amrita School of Engineering in Coimbatore was recently released as a textbook for engineering students across the country.

“Probability and statistics are important subjects for engineering students,” stated Dr. Ravichandran. “The subjects are part of the curriculum in all engineering disciplines in Indian colleges and universities.”

Written primarily for students enrolled in programs offering degrees of B.E. and B.Tech., the textbook can also be used by undergraduate students of physical sciences and graduate students such as those enrolled in MCA and MCS degree programs.

“The book may be useful to Six Sigma practitioners in industry, as well,” added Dr. Ravichandran. A chapter in the book is devoted to Six Sigma, statistical quality control and process capability studies.

 BookHimself a statistician with long-standing industrial experience, in addition to his academic experience, Dr. Ravichandran was motivated to write the book for the benefit of students. “I hope my contribution helps aspiring students,” he stated.

The content of the book is organized into fifteen chapters. Written with the goal of being used as a text-book for a one-semester course in probability and statistics, the book includes several examples that explain each concept.

Basic knowledge of elementary calculus is assumed. Exercise problems and multiple choice questions are provided, with corresponding answers. Chapter summaries list all important definitions and formulae.

The book has 612 pages and retails in India at a price of Rs. 349.

“Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham is fast becoming a world-class institution,” stated Dr. Ravichandran. “To this end, extensive research activities and publication of books and journal papers is very much encouraged here. I am happy to contribute also with this new text book.”

“My special thanks are due to all my colleagues in the Department of Mathematics for their cooperation, in particular, to the Chairperson, Dr. G. Prema whose continued support helped me to accomplish this goal,” he added.

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