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Nuclear Science and Technology Crossword Puzzle

July 1, 2018 - 9:58
Nuclear Science and Technology Crossword Puzzle


2. Energy released in nuclear reactions
4. Joining together of light nuclei to form heavier nuclei
7. The result of contaminating
8. The device that is sensitive to radiation
13. A long slender tube that holds fissionable material for nuclear reactor use
16. A natural nuclear reactor operated in Africa
17. Mother Earth
18. April 22nd
20. A positively charged ion
21. Number of positively charged protons
23. A product of the uranium milling process.
26. Generates electricity by using a nuclear reactor.
27. Exposure to radiation
28. Surroundings, location, habitat


1. The minimum energy you have to add to separate a nucleus
3. Space between fuel pellet and fuel rod cladding
5. Layers of high density material that absorbs radiation and is designed to protect personnel or material from ionizing radiation
6. Amount of heat required to change the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit
9. The absorption of radiation of a radionuclide
10. To reprocess, to reclaim, to reuse
11. The energy liberated by fission or fusion
12. An elementary nuclear particle with a positive electric charge
14. Anything that absorbs heat
15. Aluminium, stainless steel and _________ are alloys that are common cladding materials
19. The splitting of a nucleus
21. The smallest part of an element that cannot be divided by chemical means
22. The basic unit used to describe the intensity of radioactivity or the rate of decay of 1 gram of radium
24. Central portion of nuclear reactor
25. Atomic number 88


2. Atomic energy 1. Binding energy
4. Fusion 3. Gap
7. Pollution 5. Shielding
8. Detector 6. BTU
13. Fuel rod 9. Exposure
16. Oklo 10. Recycle
17. Gaia 11. Nuclear energy
18. Earth Day 12. Proton
20. Cation 14. Heat sink
21. Atomic number 15. Zirconium
23. Yellow cake 19. Fission
26. Power plant 21. Atom
27. Irradiation 22. Curie
28. Environment 24. Core
  25. Radium

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