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Prof. Raghu Raman and Dr. Vinith Kumar Nair speak at QS Higher Ed Summit: China 2022 held on 13th and 14th April 2022

April 22, 2022 - 11:56
Prof. Raghu Raman and Dr. Vinith Kumar Nair speak at QS Higher Ed Summit: China 2022 held on 13th and 14th April 2022

QS Higher Ed Summit: China 2022 was held on 13-14 April 2022, featuring insightful keynotes, enlightening panel discussions, and thought-provoking sessions. The event had a mix of Keynote addresses, Breakout Sessions, Roundtable discussions, Mix & Mingle Networking Session, Panel Discussions, SDG Spotlight Breakout Session, QS Analytics Level 1 Certification session, QS Rankings by Subject, and QS Research on China with four tracks.
Track 1: Growth and opportunities
Track 2: Exploring research
Track 3: Creating a new destination market
Track 4: New virtual education

Prof. Raghu Raman, Dean-School of Business & Director, Amrita Center for Accreditations, Rankings & Eminence & Dr. Vinith Kumar Nair, Associate Director, Amrita Center for Accreditations, Rankings & Eminence, represented Amrita University at the event and spoke on Research innovation and influence of Asian universities in world university rankings- Illustrative case study of China and India in Break Out Session 2: Exporting Research.

Introductory remarks from Ms.Afifah Darke (Moderator)

The other speakers in the Break Out Session 2: Exporting Research were Dr. Miguel Antonio Lim, Senior Lecturer, The University of Manchester, Mr. Laurie Pearcey, Associate Vice-President (External Engagement & Outreach), The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Dr. Yidan Zhu, Research Assistant Professor, Lingnan University, and Prof. Youliang Zhang, Research Assistant Professor – Lingnan University and Associate Professor – Beijing University of Technology. The session was moderated by Ms. Afifah Darke, Deputy Editor, Quacquarelli Symonds,

Prof. Raghu and Dr. Vinith started with the details of the number of Chinese & Indian universities in the QS and THE WUR. The information on how the participation of Chinese and Indian Universities was overall rising and how this cannot be said about DFC and IOE universities were shared. The data on the total publications, total citations, publications in top journal percentiles, and international collaboration how it has been on the rise in both DFC and IOE Universities was also highlighted.

Dr. Vinith’s introductory remarks during the presentation

The presentation mainly focused on how the Double first-class universities plan (DFC), China and Institute of Eminence recognition (IOE), India, the two initiatives by the respective countries’ governments, are impacting research and rankings. Insights on yearly scholarly output, top citation percentiles, and top journal percentages from the top 10% of most-cited publications worldwide were shared during the presentation.

Insights on the research focus of DFC and IOEs

The research focus area of DFC & IOEs are Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics & Astronomy, and this was highlighted. The presentation also stressed that the YoY growth of publications in SDG has been more consistent among DFC universities. The presenters also highlighted that increased publications had been observed among IOE universities.
The event was attended by presidents, vice-chancellors, policy advisors, international collaboration experts, senior and rising higher education administrators, academics, public officials, quality assurance experts, businesses, NGOs, and other stakeholders worldwide.

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