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Radiology Dept Wins Best Department Award

June 15, 2009 - 2:07

June 15, 2009
School of Medicine, Kochi


Radiology DeptThe Radiology Department at the Amrita School of Medicine provides MRI, ultrasound, CT-scan, X-ray and other medical imaging services that are on par with those at the best hospitals around the world. Amrita has the distinction of also being Southeast Asia’s first filmless hospital, thanks to a hospital-wide, all-digital, imaging archival and retrieval system. The department was recently honored by the Kerala Chapter of the Indian Society of Radiologic Technologists as the best radiology department in Kerala.

X-RaysThe honor was announced on the occasion of World Roentgen Day, celebrated in honor of Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen, a German physicist who discovered X-rays. Roentgen’s discovery was made by accident, and for this he was awarded the first Nobel Prize in Physics in 1901. The prize money was donated to his University. So that the world may freely benefit from this serendipitous discovery, Roentgen refused to patent the work. A fine example of a scientist working for the greater good of society, Amrita is proud to be honored in his memory.

“The award is in recognition of the technical knowledge and skill of our young radiographer staff,” stated Dr. Sanjeev Singh, senior medical administrator. “The Amrita administration would like to recognize and congratulate all team members, Beena, Deepa, Naveena, Rineeshlal, Byiju, Rajeev, Ajith. A, and Pradeep for their special efforts.”

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