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SERB Early Career Research (ECR) Award for Amrita

April 29, 2017 - 3:50
SERB Early Career Research (ECR) Award for Amrita

An Amrita research initiative, Just-in-time Customisation: Research Platform for Accelerating Algorithms to Systems, has won the Early Career Research (ECR) Award of SERB, Science and Engineering Research Board, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. The research is carried out by Dr. Madhura Purnaprajna, Associate. Professor, Department of Computer Science, Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru and students. 

The early Career Research Award scheme aims to provide quick research support to young researchers who are early in their careers for pursuing exciting and innovative research in frontier areas of science and engineering.

Today’s embedded computing world has been overloaded with applications with high computational demands, in addition to being constrained by cost, footprint and battery life. The breakdown in the growth of performance-per-watt, along with with ever increasing transistor densities, challenges the conventional off-the-shelf processing paradigms for the new generation of embedded computing applications. 

The need for application-specific acceleration necessitates concentrated efforts towards developing a research infrastructure that can provide a platform for joint application-algorithmic explorations. Such an infrastructure will bring about industry and academic collaborations to develop reusable, composable, reconfigurable and open-source design tools. This idea of a research infrastructure will give a leading edge towards next-generation embedded computing research in India by bringing together a consortium of researchers from the industry and academia to collaborate and develop ideas and techniques across different domains, viz., applications, algorithms, compilers, architectures and operating systems. 




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