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Sevamritam — Serving at the Health Sciences Campus

November 9, 2009 - 1:20


Nov 9, 2009
Health Sciences Campus, Kochi

Student volunteers at the Health Sciences campus in Kochi have been busy. Since the inauguration of their seva association, Sevamritam, in January of this year, they have not let up an opportunity to serve, to do good. They have worked with their hands and hearts, bringing joy and cheer to people. How and why have they done this?


“Our Chancellor Amma says that the beauty and charm of selfless service should not die away from the face of the earth, the world should know that a life inspired by service to humanity is possible,” states Dr. Gopi Chellan, who coordinates this activity for the students. “Sevamritam has provided students the opportunity to experience this for themselves.”

For instance, the 1350-bed super-specialty hospital AIMS on the campus sees a large number of patients everyday. Several of the in-patients are admitted with debilitating diseases. These student volunteers have taken the time to visit with these patients and their family members and share in their sorrows. “We try to understand their problems and lend them a compassionate ear,” says Sabarinath, a student volunteer.

Not just visiting with the patients, the students have also taken upon themselves to regularly clean all areas of the sprawling premises of the Health Sciences campus, including bathrooms. Recently, they visited the Adi Shankara Mutt in nearby Kalady and cleaned this ancient monastery. Even rain could not dampen the spirits of the committed youngsters, with umbrellas in hands, they continued sweeping.


“At Amrita, we aim to provide advanced medical care in an atmosphere of love and compassion,” further states Dr. Gopi. “We feel that participation in such volunteer service activities, helps supplement classroom and academic instruction by providing students an exposure to the broader issues of life. As Amma often states, not just an education for living, students need an education for life also.”

This education for life may be earned through fun activities also. For example, at the recently-concluded National Conference of the Association of Clinical Biochemists of India conducted at this campus, each delegate took home beautiful hand-crafted idols. These were made by Sevamritam student volunteers during their free time in the evenings and weekends.

Students have also made and sold greeting cards from handmade paper to raise money for poor patients. Be it working with their hands or spending time with patients or in cleaning activities, the students have indeed been busy. “More and more students are now expressing an interest in joining us,” adds Sabarinath. “We are determined to show the world that a life inspired by service to humanity is indeed possible.”


In addition to students, Sevamritam welcomes staff, patient bystanders and others who wish to contribute their time for selfless service. Even if you only have 1 hour in a day, week or month, we invite you to contact us.

Please contact Dr. Gopi Chellan (x 8471 / 2915), Mr. Ramesh Sadasiva (x 8134) or Dr. Jagathlal PC (x 8099).

We invite you to also read about service activities of our alumni at the Amritians website

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