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Student Exchange Programs – 2020

August 8, 2019 - 2:28
Student Exchange Programs – 2020

Amrita Center for International Programs (ACIP) invites applications from top performing students for the Student Exchange Program at various universities in Asia, USA and Europe. We are currently accepting applications for the (January) Spring Semester, 2020.

The students have to submit their interest to Amrita Center for International Programs before the deadline – September 2, 2019. Limited number of students are accepted in these universities. The students from all campuses will be selected according to their merit and the nomination by the concerned department. Please go through the respective websites of the universities to see if relevant courses in your area of study are available.

The exchange program is applicable/relevant only if you are able to find corresponding courses available at the universities. Please do a rough course mapping to see if the subjects and area of interest is offered in English at your level of education – prior to application. We prefer students with CGPA 8 and above for this program. Students must also have completed at least two years of their educational program at Amrita, with above average grades.

Following are the benefits :

  • Graduate from Amrita with International study experience
  • Opportunity to interact and learn from experienced faculty abroad.
  • Explore opportunities for Higher Education with funding prospects
  • No Tuition Fees required to be paid at Host University
  • Travel and local stay expenses will have to be borne by students (Expected to cost USD 6000/- for one semester).

Important note – We strongly recommend that students who are selected to go to any foreign university do not make non refundable travel arrangements until they have actually received their visa.

FAQ – Student Exchange

Usually it is for one semester or 6 months unless specified otherwise. Students can apply for this when they are in their seventh semester.

The expected cost is USD 6000/- for USA for one semester. This is the expected cost of food, accommodation and travel. For Europe it costs about 600-800 Euros per month. This is the cost of food and accommodation. Travel is extra. It’s a cost incurred by you during your stay there. You don’t have to pay this to Amrita. Its an amount you pay directly for your expenses.

Since you will be paying tuition at Amrita, you won’t be required to pay tuition at Host University

The cost of food and accommodation is expected to be USD 6000/- as mentioned above.

The welcome package (which is received upon admission to the exchange program) will contain all the details. Some details may be on the Host University Exchange Program webpage.

The exposure to an university abroad is surely beneficial in terms of experience. Placements depend on employer. Students benefit in many ways. Many students commented that they learnt a lot through international exposure and working on live projects with top researchers around the world. Some students make good connections or obtain fully funded Masters/PhD programs; others have wonderful exposure to Industry experience in their project work.

Please check the web for University rankings. Amrita signs agreements with University which are well ranked. Every University is good in a different way. Some students might find it more affordable to go abroad for Masters rather than exchange programs. Please use your judgement in deciding if this is a good/right opportunity for you. Please apply only if you are seriously interested in the exchange program.

Yes, you still have to pay tuition fees at Amrita. This is an additional opportunity that Amrita has strived hard to bring it to you. You don’t need to pay for food + hostel. Please make sure you vacate the hostel for the semester(s) you are gone.

Earning money during the short duration of student exchange is tough because opportunities are difficult to come by during such short stay periods. Secondly, course load is a lot more; therefore it is difficult to manage to both work and study. If you are able to secure any jobs during your stay, you are welcome to try it out if it’s legal to work under your student visa.

In many European Universities, at the UG level, courses are in the local language (German, Spanish, French, Italian etc.), so we recommend going in the final semester for projects instead. If courses are available, course selection can be done from the Host University Course Catalog. But the courses will have to be approved by the Departments using a learning agreement document. Departments might expect you to study courses that match the courses at Amrita, so the selection of courses has to be done in consultation with the HOD. It’s advisable for students to keep a few more courses approved in handy. This is because not all courses are available for registration and some courses fill in faster than the others. So in case a student is unable to register for one course, they may be able to choose the other approved courses. It would be advisable to check with the concerned Host University departments (check website for information) to see if the courses might be available for registration for that semester. Learning agreement must be signed but it is subject to modification after the student reaches the host university. Once registered for courses, students should notify the department of the changes with cc to International office.

Please consult with the Amrita departments for information. If some compulsory courses are not available at the exchange program, you can do missing required courses by fast track preferably before you leave – with department approval.

Host University will provide a transcript for the courses completed. This will include the GPA and Grade obtained. This document copy will have to be submitted to the Amrita for course transfer and grade conversion.

Please check the Host University website or fact sheet for the Semester Calendar.

You may continue on to the next semester if you have gone in between your semester / studies. You are expected to have completed the requirements for the missed semester (at Amrita) – during the exchange program (at the Host University). We try to send students during the final semester so that students can continue on to Master’s programs in the same university – if accepted.

You may apply for as many programs as you want. However you may not be considered for all programs. We need to give all students a fair chance. So please mention your first choice in your application to us.

We have very few seats for student exchange in various universities. ACIP (Amrita Center for International Programs) tries to be fair to all students of all branches in all campuses. Although a CGPA of 8.0 and above is preferred, GPA is not the lone factor. Social work is also important. Although department nominations are seriously considered, the final selection is by ACIP committee. This is to ensure that all campuses from all streams have a fair chance.

We try to give priority to final year students as they may not get another chance before graduation. But it’s not always the case. We deal with every situation on a case to case basis.

Once chosen for the program, we ask you to confirm your interest. If you confirm at that stage and we send your papers to the host university, the student is requested to not back out of the program. There will be serious consequences if the student refuses to go after papers are processed and sent – this will include fine and/or suspension. The exchange programs are very hard to come by, and once the papers are processed and the student doesn’t go, it is a loss of opportunity for the other interested students. Only interested and serious candidates are requested to apply.

Once selected, we will send you a list of documents you need to submit. Additionally, you will have to submit a student undertaking on a Rs.100 stamp paper. This is an undertaking by students about their code of conduct during the student exchange. Also, you should pay a processing fee of Rs. 2000.

If selected, Amrita International office will contact you within 15-20 days of last date of application. Students are requested to respond with 1-2 days of selection, else the opportunity will be passed on to other interested candidates.

Currently, We Are Accepting Applications For :

  • University of New Mexico, USA
  • Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, Germany (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Halmstad University, Sweden
  • Danish School of Media and Journalism, Denmark
  • National Ilan University, Taiwan (Research Project in Artificial Neural Networks – only for Biotechnology students)
  • University of Paderborn, Germany (CSE students’ only)
  • TU Munich, Germany
  • Telecom Sudparis, France (Graduate Students only)
  • UPC, Spain – EEBE (Electronics & Automation, Mechanical Robotics, Instrumentation, Electronics)
  • UPC, Spain – ETSEIB (Mechanical – AC, Industrial Chemical, Electrical, Materials, Automotive, Nuclear etc.)
  • UPC, Spain – ESEIAAT
    Bachelors: (Electrical, Chemical, Mechanical, Industrial Technology)
    Masters: (Industrial Engineering, Engineering of Automatic Systems and Power Electronics, Technology and Engineering Management)
  • UPC, Spain – ETSETB
    Bachelors: (Audiovisual Systems, Electronic Systems, Telecommunications Systems and Network Systems)
    Masters: (Master of Telecommunications Engineering / Electronic Engineering)
  • UPC, Spain – ETSIAAB (Environmental Engineering, Biotechnology)
  • University of Barcelona, Spain (Masters students’)
  • Politecnico Di Milano, Italy
  • University of Trento, Italy (Masters students’)
  • University of Aalto, Finland
  • Grenoble INP, France
  • Uppsala University, Sweden, (Engineering Sciences)
  • University of Twente, Netherlands
  • University of Mannheim – Germany (BBM & MBA Students only)
  • University of Groningen, Netherlands (BBM & MBA Students only; TOEFL required)

Internships :

Northern Illinois University, USA – For Mechanical, Industrial, EEE, ECE students’ only

Pennsylvania State University, USA – For ECE, EEE and CSE students’ only

Note: If students want to pursue an MS opportunity in the US, after completing this internship, we advise students to complete GRE / TOEFL before going for this internship

Deadline : Please let us know your interest by September 2, 2019. Final semester students are encouraged to apply – you can try to do your Bachelor’s project or thesis in Host University. This provides great opportunities for higher studies abroad.

Please fill the form to confirm your interest.

For Further Information Contact :

Sujatha / Reshmi / Anandi
Amrita Center for International Programs
(Please use the subject title: Student Exchange – Spring 2020)


NOTE: This article is updated with the latest information on August 08, 2019.

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